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Birch Goddess by Dodi Wexler

Birch Goddess by Dodi Wexler

VAT Included


Papers, birch bark, thread, felt, pearls, string, graphite, gold, velvet, ink, dirt, cork.

165 cm x 61 cm


Original Artwork

Certificate of Authenticity

  • Artist Statement

    Dodi Wexler's work is based on paper and uses things that she is attracted to or nostalgic ephemera which is personal, but not useful. She destroys and reconstructs these materials in non-traditional ways. Her work is about rebirth, memory, nature, social issues, faith, magic, and making art.

  • Artist Bio

    Dodi Wexler was born in Washington DC and then moved to NYC where she went to school at Sarah Lawrence and then got her MFA at Columbia. She showed in NYC, including Nicole Klagsbrun and Pavel Zoubok and was reviewed in publications by the NY Times and Time Out NY. She moved to London permanently in 2004 where she has traded shows for raising children. However, Dodi Wexler still works continually and sells privately. In December she just had a show at the Chelsea Arts Club.

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