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“Leaves” Chance encounters I by Xus Francés Gandía

“Leaves” Chance encounters I by Xus Francés Gandía

VAT Included


Acrylic, spray paint on canvas

27 x 22 x 1.5 cm


Certificate of Authenticity

  • Artist Statement

    Xus artistic research developed during the last three years based on photographs that document her processual work exhibited in nature. Exploring her immediate rural surroundings, working in situ, capturing fragments, and composing the works in her studio. She is inspired by environment, memory and personal perception, such as elements found in the different cycles of nature, during the pruning of vines and any type of tree. Through series, she uses her experience as a record of the different types of interference or mimesis of her work with the environment. “From my roots and where I come from, from there my fieldwork begins. My works begin as personal perceptions. Nature will be here long after we are all gone.

  • Artist Bio

    Xus Francés Gandia (1976, Fontanars dels Alforins) is a Spanish visual artist and art curator who lives in València. She studied Pedagogy before Fine Arts at the Fa- culty Polytechnic University of Valencia.


    From 2011 to early 2020 she paints portraits and creates stage scenes about peo- ple connected to digital smart devices. Her artistic discourse has absolutely chan- ged after the pandemic lockdown. Now, her work is based on landscape research, through acrylic spray paint and its application on different supports. Her art works was exhibited in collective exhibitions and art festivals in Valencia. In 2022 she was selected to develop her first solo exhibition at the Museari virtual museum.


    "INTROSPECCIÓ_CONNEXIONS" has been the last project, curated with vitamin_studio, at the Tossal Gallery in València. In April 2023 she was selected to participate in DAR -Rural Women Artist- Vall d’Albaida-. A project in partnership of Museums of the Valencian Community.

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