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by Hannah O’Driscoll

by Hannah O’Driscoll

VAT Included


Acrylic paint & Acrylic ink on canvas

40 cm diameter

Certificate of Authenticity

  • Artist Statement

    Graphic configurations juxtaposed with organic shapes, Hannah O’Driscoll’s unique hand-produced line work celebrates the power of simplicity whilst maintaining the recognisable anatomical structures of plants and flowers.


    This latest collection of paintings depicts rare and endangered foliage from around the world.


    The artworks pay homage to the importance of wabi-sabi in Japanese art, capturing the fleeting beauty not only of the flowers’ blooms but of their existence as a species.


    To create the series of paintings for this specific exhibition, O’Driscoll has selected specific flowers to reflect the profound themes of environmentalism and Ecofeminism.

  • Artist Bio

    Botanical-inspired Irish London Artist, Hannah O’Driscoll is an advocate for mental health. O’Drsicoll’s paintings promote how the process of creating art benefits individuals’ souls. With her signature motifs and composition with mystic qualities, O’Driscoll’s pieces serve as a well-being guide for everyday anxiety and decompression. Artist Hannah O’Driscoll promotes mental wellbeing through cathartic creativity!

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