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Centre Parting by Juliet James

Centre Parting by Juliet James

VAT Included


Acrylic on canvas with mixed media, including digital monoprint and collage.

61 x 91 cm (HxW)


Certificate of Authenticity

  • Artist Statement

    Juliet James treats the female nude form as a manifestation of the power of the beauty of outdoor wilderness alongside the raw power of sexuality. These elements combine as the essence of everything it means to be alive.


    Juliet’s iconic nudes represent traditional goddesses of mythology (often re-defined and re-imagined for the 21st century). Her deceptively simplified lines and descriptions of the body, with enigmatic or aloof facial expressions, give little away of the raw emotions surging inside and invite the viewer to participate in the scene by projecting their own desires onto the imagery.


    The painting Belle Tout is part of the series “Infinity”, exploring the way bodies echo, imprint on the mind and form memories. Repeat pattern overlays the body like camouflage tattoos, bearing images within images of subversive and subliminal references.

  • Artist Bio

    London-based artist, Juliet James, has been exploring the beauty of the curves and forms that link nudes and nature since 2016. Originally a fashion designer and illustrator, Juliet blended her love of balanced design and repeat patterns with a passion for fine art.


    Her minimally drawn subjects inhabit a world of semi-abstract interiors and landscapes where flowers and bodies merge together, alternating between bold, monochromatic areas of negative space and intricate, repeat patterns.


    Juliet’s objective sense of line and form transcends the traditional concept of the erotic nude via playfully subtle humour and subversive twists, as a tongue-in-cheek redefinition of the male gaze (as portrayed by a female artist).


    Juliet exhibits regularly, highlights include selection by Grayson Perry for the 250th RA Summer Exhibition and her recent solo show addressing the censoring of nude images by social media.

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