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Eos by Heidi Seetzen

Eos by Heidi Seetzen

VAT Included


Wire, acrylic paint and old tarmac

70 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm

Certificate of Authenticity

  • Artist Statement

    Heidi works predominantly in wire and cement to create figurative shapes that feel fragile and fragmented. Her work explores feelings of embodiment and our connection to inner and outer worlds. Her wire sculptures in particular are a response to her fascination with the experience of being and becoming 'human selves'. Always in motion and often unstable, selfhood is portrayed as a gradual and often painful emergence in which we try to make sense of our bodies and environments.

  • Artist Bio

    Heidi discovered sculpture relatively late in life. Originally, she was, and maybe still is, a sociologist and ethnographer. Her theoretical concerns with exploring who we are and mapping the human experience, also informs her work as an artist. She is partially self-taught but has also completed part-time study at the London Art Academy, where she completed a Certificate in Sculpture in 2021.


    What draws Heidi to sculpture is that the procedure of making is very much an embodied experience. It is also often a conversation between maker and material. Form and meaning emerge out of the interplay of ideas, practices and materials, some yielding more readily to artistic conceptions than others.

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