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Gold Leave III by Celia Kettle

Gold Leave III by Celia Kettle

VAT Included


Mixed media and leaves on reused canvas

20 x 20 cm

Certificate of Authenticity

  • Artist Statement

    Celia aims to bring the viewer into a closer relationship with nature by drawing attention to natural processes such as organic decay and contrasting that with our yearning for permanence and the need to appropriate these elements into our capitalist system. She places a strong emphasis on reusing and recycling found materials as an avoidance of consumerist culture. Her work often combines abstract painting techniques with mixed media, which can sometimes result in three dimensional forms.


    Exploring the physical qualities of the objects she selects is an important part of the process, allowing her to bring art into a relationship with the natural world where the physical elements have their own voice. In this way it is more about observing how they react rather than imposing her own ideas. Celia Kettle represents a feminine response which is essentially opposed to the patriarchal model of domination over the natural world.

  • Artist Bio

    Celia Kettle is a British-born Artist, living and working in Valencia, Spain, who graduated in Fine Arts from Middlesex University, London in 1998. She has exhibited at the National Gallery London as part of a student transcription project and while an Erasmus student at the University of Valencia, was awarded a prize to take part in the exhibition LLocs LLures at the town of Javea, Spain.


    She currently runs an art studio in Valencia where she participates in the local art event, Russafart. She has shown nationally at the Valencian Biennale, and at group shows with the galleries De Souza in Castellon and Gallery Mao in Alarcon. She has exhibited internationally at the Spilt Milk Gallery Edinburg and with the collective Colonia Roma in Florence Italy, as well as holding solo shows in Valencia, Alzira and London.

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