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Herself by Elisabeth Lopez

Herself by Elisabeth Lopez

VAT Included


Oil on canvas

60 x 75 cm


Certificate of Authenticity

  • Artist Statement

    Elisabeth knows how to express through an unprecedented symbolism, the soul of her paintings. And she gives the viewer the role of creating the story of each one of them.


    She works in a surreal style in which reality is flooded of magic and a certain mystery. It looks for a balance between a cold and warm colours, and maybe it is in this balance of lights and saturations that part of the magic of her painting resides.


    In her artworks there are influences of metaphysical painting and surrealism when background and figure converge on the same plane through a line, which sometimes acts as a common thread between the history it represents and the story that the viewer can interpret.

  • Artist Bio

    Elisabeth López Saiz was born in 1988 in Sabadell (Barcelona). In 2011, she graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, where she specialized in painting. A few years later she became interested in Art Therapy and got awarded with a Master´s Degree from Metafora School in Barcelona. This experience made a change in the way that Elisabeth understood art: she started to focus in the process of creating more than in the outcome.


    Elisabeth moved to London in 2018. Since then she has developed and cultivated her own creative technique, which is still improving with time.


    She promotes her art internationally, in cities such as Venezia, Milan, Rome, Paris, London, Madrid, Barcelona or New York City.

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