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Heterotopia: You and My EDEN by Jeehee Kim

Heterotopia: You and My EDEN by Jeehee Kim

VAT Included


Wallpaper Paint and Acrylic on Wood

110 cm x 25 cm
Certificate of Authenticity

  • Artist Statement

    [ Cognitive Territory of You and Me: "They just sensed and traversed to make their own chronology of incompleteness." ]

    Jeehee's artistic vision is to capture the phenomenological trails of transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary through encounters with others. Such encounters consistently transform the individual beings on the multi-layered territory and leave an overlapping trace on their body and space. Thus, she adopts the methodology of sculptural painting to trace and taxidermize the cycles of transformation and connection. Ultimately, the chronology of you and me, translated into a visual language, will be offered to the audience as an artistic prototype to promote a flexible and horizontal world beyond the existing dichotomous borders.

  • Artist Bio

    JEEHEE KIM (b. 1994 South Korea) is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works between London and Seoul. She is in the second year of MFA Fine Art at Goldsmiths University in London, UK. She graduated BFA at Hongik University in Seoul, exploring oriental painting and oriental philosophy.
    The artist's focus lies on the human body of the nomad, which migrates from its original realm, constantly undergoing physical and mental transformation. Through the use of her own visual language, she draws inspiration from a neuropsychological indicator known as 'Engram', which is a memory trace left on the body and at the same time, she aims to evoke the chronology inherent in the spaces where these traces are formed. Through the utilization of diverse tactile media and color, she develops her own artistic prototype to promote a flexible and horizontal world, free from conventional binary boundaries.

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