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Looking up Through White Blossom to the Future by Emz Finch

Looking up Through White Blossom to the Future by Emz Finch

VAT Included


Oil on Cradled Panel


50 x 50 cms

Certificate of Authenticity

  • Artist Statement

    Emz's paintings are born out of deep emotion - they allow her to get curious with these emotions, accept them and express them through colour. She has developed this practice after experiencing PTSD after miscarriage - during this dark period, her mind was paralysed and the colour she saw was dark and foreboding. She learned one day that being in nature, and particularly laying under trees allowed her to look to the sky and see the full range of beautiful colour again. Each painting she now undertakes seeks to remind her of this moment.

  • Artist Bio

    Emz grew up on a farm in Wiltshire surrounded by the Wiltshire downs - the greens of this landscape inspire her every day. She had ambitions to pursue a degree in art but became disabled overnight aged 18 after a failed hip replacement, and following a career in the city and in TV, she came back to her art roots in 2018.


    Emz studied a foundation at the London Fine Art Studios and has exhibited with Sprout Arts, Tooting in 2019, Merton Arts Festival in 2019, Merton Art in the Garden in 2021 and the Affordable art fair 2022. She has been busy with private commissions, as well as being represented by Wychwood Art gallery.

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