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Lush Nature by Eva Münnich

Lush Nature by Eva Münnich

VAT Included


CGI 3D render, printed on thick paper with a matte finish

42.0 cm x 59.4 cm (A2)

Edition 1 of 50


Certificate of Authenticity

  • Artist Statement

    This piece is inspired by the lushness of summer nature and exotic plant life. It is centred around the flower ladies, recurring characters in Eva's work. Cheeky little plants that grew legs and big bums but no arms. Their full bodies remind us of ancient fertility idols that worshipped nature for its life-giving fruitfulness. The rich greens and juicy appearance of the characters and plants are underlined by the soft sheen of the CGI vinyl materials they are rendered in. Juxtaposing the natural with the artificial, making them look like toys and pointing towards the manipulation and control we exert over nature.

  • Artist Bio

    Eva is an animation director, illustrator and ceramic artist based in London. She studied film in an art school in Germany and chose animation and character design as the medium of her artistic expression. Working mainly in CGI she creates cute, relatable and whimsical characters. She also loves to explore different media, analogue and digital and their overlap. Her colorful and playful pieces find the lighthearted approach to every topic while her characters face the world with a huge smile!

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