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No snow drops here by Anastasia Trahanas

No snow drops here by Anastasia Trahanas

VAT Included


Silver Gelatin Print Photograph

76 X 60 cm


Certificate of Authenticity

  • Artist Statement

    Anastasia is a photographer who uses the camera as a tool to communicate as well as to learn about herself and the world around her. She is humbled and honoured to share her many years of photographic work with an audience who are not afraid to be challenged.


    The challenge has become so evident in the past ten years. There have been many movements from Black Lives Matter, Metoo, Women of the World, Extinction Rebellion, and Ecofeminism, to mention a few - all that shift towards a more equal and caring society.


    Connecting with nature can be very exhilarating as it nourishes the soul. Let’s continue to take care and remedy the damage that has occurred as we enjoy this earth which resides in us.

  • Artist Bio

    Anastasia Trahanas was born in Melbourne, Australia and later, made her home in the UK. As a teenager, she began exploring and documenting the connection between ‘the self’ and her relationship with life around her.


    Her series ‘Photographing the Female’ is mostly black and white images that explore and empower the female form. What feeds her photographic eye is her deep interest in challenging the boundaries whilst steering away from the so-called 'normal' that societies inculcate within us. Her questioning drives and gravitates her to photographing the marginalized, stigmatized and vulnerable - turning her representation into a positive image.


    "Isn't vulnerability a pure, honest state of being"? “A concept of it being a weakness, yet it gives us a connection to ourselves and truly becomes a strength - somewhat empowering”.


    Anastasia has exhibited her photography internationally, with recognition for ‘Photographing the Female’ and ‘Naked Britain which began in 2005.


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