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Persephone by Anne McNeill Pulati

Persephone by Anne McNeill Pulati

VAT Included


Oil on canvas


Certificate of Authenticity

  • Artist Statement

    Anne McNeill-Pulati focuses her work, on the overlaps of the visible world and how we understand it, with the invisible world and its many cultural and ethic belief systems; she sees these elements as interconnected . The visible world provides the evidence to be seen and we may take our realities at face value. The invisible world includes thoughts, dreams, airwaves, and the internet. Belief systems, superstitions and religions have created structures that were supposedly for a more purposeful existence. Rules are intended adhered to for the common good.


    Inspired by the many ways contemporary artists find to explore and make sense of our presence in the world, McNeill- Pulati uses mixed ethnic narratives that overlap in their intent. By investigating influential artists who have been masters of painting as a form of representation, she makes her work more about what is inside of ourselves, our fears, desires, phobias, strengths.

  • Artist Bio

    Anne McNeill-Pulati was born in London and studied art at St Albans Art School, graduating with a BA Hons. After studying for a teaching certification she moved to Australia in 1995. Her career path included Art Therapy which she studied at the University of Western Sydney.


    In 2005 she returned to London and worked in art education and pastoral care with teenagers. She has exhibited at Gallery 286 Earls Court Road London, St Martins in the Fields in Trafalgar Square, Highgate Literary and Scientific Institute and Kingsford Smith Airport in Sydney Australia.


    Anne McNeill-Pulati works from her studio at The Cumberland Street Studios, London N.22 and lives with her musician husband Paul in North London.

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