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Portal by Indy Townsend

Portal by Indy Townsend

VAT Included


Watercolour and gouache on cold pressed watercolour paper

89 cm x 64 cm


Certificate of Authenticity

  • Artist Statement

    Indy's work is deeply inspired by the feminine and the environment, her works explore the centuries-old connection humans have with nature and encourage us to tune into our inner nature as well as the world around us; allowing the cycles of our life to sync with those of nature.


    Indy's work aims to demystify the beliefs, practices and values of ancient tribes and bring the public a simplified way of looking at these parts of our world that have such an impact on our lives; bringing it back to us as humans living on this planet which is growing around us.

  • Artist Bio

    Indy is a self-taught artist from Nottingham, UK. Growing up in the Nottinghamshire countryside and exploring the folklore of the land, including the infamous Robin Hood, led to a love of British wildlife and ancient folklore.


    The birth of her first child sparked a love and awe for feminine power and periods of deep introspection have led to intertwining these passions into her art.


    Navigating difficult family and romantic relationships in her youth encouraged her need for solitude and deep thought, allowing Indy to reconnect to herself, nature and ancestral beliefs and explore the meanings of these through her art and how she could encourage others to live an enchanted life.

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