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Possibility of three I by Catherine Amakars

Possibility of three I by Catherine Amakars

VAT Included

Oil paint, dried flowers on canvas

76 x 102 cm

Certificate of Authenticity

  • Artist Statement

    Carhrine Amakars' practice has feminine strength and beauty at its core. For her, the body is a pure source of divinity. Abstract images of the female body serve as a tool for her to address and explore varied historically dogmatic attitudes towards women. Religious context is prevalent in her line of enquiry and she draws on elements of traditional iconography in her painting. It is through shape and visual imagery that she borrows from a classical religious context - she creates an illusion of spiritual space where female strength finds power.
    Though her work is predominantly figurative, Amakars introduces materials within her painting that bring abstraction. She incorporates materials that stereotypically might allude to the feminine or masculine, such as rose petals, for example. She disrupts the original structure of the material to reveal a parallel story line. Whilst it is important that these added elements become active components in the work, there is also a sense of ambiguity she intends them to lean in to.
    Amakars is drawn to beauty and the theatrical and through highly painterly texturized surfaces combined with additional materials, she intends to achieve boldness in her work. Decorative symbolism reoccurs time and time again through certain shapes. She wishes the viewer to decide upon their meaning themselves and keep metaphorical mystery present in her work.
    Although the work is rooted in feminism and she celebrates womankind, Amakars is careful not to subvert masculinity but the toxicity it can often allude to. In her practice she aspires to create work that strongholds gender equality and authentic self.

  • Artist Bio

    Catherine Amakars is a London-based artist, she began her career in theatre and trained at Giles Foreman Centre For Acting. In 2022 Catherine began her MA Fine Art studies at the University of Brighton.
    Catherine Amakars predominantly works with oil paints and ink, however, she is beginning to deviate from this more classical way of painting to better establish her form as an artist by introducing mixed media materials in her practice. A principal theme in Catherine's work is an emotional connection with one's own body and mind. Her creative process is based on impulsive visual imagery and is intuition-led. The highly texturised surface is an important aspect of Catherine Amakar's work, for her it is not only a visual element that adds to the work but also brings an extended metaphorical meaning.
    Catherine Amakars has participated in group and solo exhibitions in London and most recently in Brighton at Edward Street Gallery and at The University of Brighton’s Summer Shows 2023.

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