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Smells like Spring by Katerina Iacovides

Smells like Spring by Katerina Iacovides

VAT Included


C-type print on Fuji Matt Paper

29.7 x 42 cm (with A2 white Frame 42 x 59.4 cm)


Edition 1/30

Certificate of Authenticity

  • Artist Statement

    In more recent years, Katerina Iacovides has found her inspiration in nature and its details. Moved by the complexity of the natural world and its elements such as its strength, destruction and re-growth. She often takes her camera to document the world around her. This process helps her to understand what drives her creative aesthetic. She moves on to find ways to incorporate these into her art as well as her more conceptual portraiture.


    In Smells like Spring, we see what looks like a Bride. The image challenges the purity and symbolism of the ‘virgin’ bride and its spring like connotations. We see the bride holding a cigarette poking fun and challenging the notion of ‘purity’.

  • Artist Bio

    Katerina Iacovides is a photographer who specialises in still life and portrait photography. She works as a freelance photographer as well as training others in specialised areas of photography. Her work has appeared in UK galleries such as The Kings House Gallery, Garage Gallery , Boomer Gallery and the Ethnological Museum in Cyprus.


    Katerina’s personal photographic artwork is often used to bring to life her imagination of the surreal and a variety of themes. Katerina’s approach can be described as playful although this is often mixed with themes of a darker nature. Her work is inspired by nature, fairy tales, sci-fi, loss, identity, and female-driven subject matter. Her photographic portraits are often conceptual.

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