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Symbol of Strength and Sensibility - Mimosa by Judy Head

Symbol of Strength and Sensibility - Mimosa by Judy Head

VAT Included


Coloured Inks on Japanese paper

34 x 36 cm

Certificate of Authenticity

  • Artists Statement

    The practise of traditional Asian ink painting and calligraphy is a world away from the commercial world and computors! It touches the Buddist traditions of meditation, to eliminate distraction, to be present in the moment, aware only of the strokes made with the brush. It teaches us to be kinder to ourelves - to look at 'mistakes' and recognise that maybe they may not be mistakes after all! The action of the hand and the brush working as one is intensely satisfying. The Zen philosophy expressed as 'Nyoze' - meaning 'As it is' - sums it up.

  • Artist Bio

    Judy studied graphic design, specialising in the fine jewellery industry for most of her career. She began to study Japanese ink painting and calligraphy some ten years ago, studying the traditional practise of the masters of Chinese and Japanese art. After moving to her beautiful studio overlooking the river at Thames-Side Studios, she focused her attention on recording the natural world in this period of climate change.


    The subjects of her three paintings are three different flowers - all of which have special meaning for women. The white Lily - the symbol of purity and fertility, believed to have been created from the breast milk of Hera, wife of Zeus. The Lotus - the symbol of re-birth, submerging in the swamp at the end of each day, to re-appear in the morning as a fresh new flower. The Lotus plant has deep religious significance in many cultures. The Mimosa, representing strength and sensibility, was chosen as the flower for International Womens Day in 1946 after the horrors of half a century of war.



    After so many years in or around corporate life, Judy has sought to create peace and harmony in her work and surroundings. The Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi - the beauty of things that are imperfect or incomplete, that show the patina of age, or are simple, humble - is one she aspires to. She aims to deliver with minimal brush stokes, the distinctive character of her subjects.


    Ink painting using traditional Japanese Sumi black in and mineral colours. The paper is also made from natural materials such as mulberry, bamboo and rice.

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