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The Limping Man Clue by Frank Creber

The Limping Man Clue by Frank Creber

VAT Included


Oil on canvas

97 x 117 cm


Certificate of Authenticity

  • Artist Bio

    Frank Creber draws inspiration from topographical cityscape drawings created on location in London, interwoven with figure drawings from observations and memories. These elements contribute to a personal visual chronicle that encapsulates the new emerging London, encompassing both its physical transformation and evolving social dynamics.


    Venturing into the city Creber captures the essence of open spaces in London's bustling confines. Back in his studio, he skilfully incorporates figures derived from recent memories, portraying local people and construction workers labouring diligently on the City’s infrastructure.


    For Creber, a city's true worth lies not in the magnitude or efficiency of its buildings but in the quality of its community spaces, fostering an environment where families can nurture their children to succeed in mainstream life. Furthermore, his art delves into themes that explore practical approaches to ensuring a cleaner and more sustainable future, both for the metropolis and its inhabitants.

  • Artist Statement

    Frank set out to make a painting about Mile End with the Guardian Angels Church. He wanted to include the Yellow Bridge, which has been a great addition to improving the local natural environment, at the same time he was researching the experience of people living in East London in the 1930’s, when the church was instrumental in supporting the Irish community of traders and construction workers; Frank wanted to make a connection across the 90 years. He began looking at newspaper stories of East London in the 1930s, looking for an eye-catching story that could become a narrative for the painting. The story about the thief who stole cigarettes was unusually visual, and it grabbed his imagination.


    The narrative in Frank’s painting comes from the East London Advertiser, Saturday 27th May 1939: LIMPING MAN CLUE. Four Years for Mile End Cigarette Theft, A hole big enough for a man to fit through was knocked in the basement wall of a Mile End shop. 280,000 cigarettes, valued at £6O7, were stolen. A horse and a loaded cart led by a man with a limp were seen from the rear of the shop.


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