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Three Chanie Crows by Liesa Bacchus

Three Chanie Crows by Liesa Bacchus

VAT Included


Oil on canvas

90 x 60 cm

Certificate of Authenticity

  • Artist Statement

    The landscapes of Guyana are evident throughout Liesa’s works. Her most recent work 'Chanie Crow' surveys the current climate, migration and shift in present-day Guyana. Her documentation of a group of non-indigenous black vultures during a trip to Guyana last July formed the basis for this series. A Series which sees Liesa drawing parallels between the vultures and those who were displaced to this part of the land through colonial enterprises, with both bearing similar survivalist qualities.

  • Artist Bio

    Liesa Bacchus (b. 1988) is a British painter of Indo-Caribbean heritage, whose parents hail from Trinidad and Guyana. Liesa’s practice is an exploration of her dual identity, with her family and their personal history being the main source of inspiration for her work. She draws upon their lived experiences in the Caribbean and their subsequent move to England in the 1950’s and 1980’s. Liesa's work addresses themes of colonialism, ‘British-ness’, the Indo-Caribbean diaspora and the indigenous peoples of the lands her ancestors were displaced to through indentureship.

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