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Un-Titled From 2AM: Chapter 02 by Wan-Ru Lin

Un-Titled From 2AM: Chapter 02 by Wan-Ru Lin

VAT Included


Duratran printed on translucent-base film using a C-type Printing Process

59.5 x 59.5 x 3 cm


Certificate of Authenticity

  • Artist Statement

    Lin Wan-Ru was born in Taiwan but lives and works in London. Fascinated by the possibilities of photography and videography, Wan-Ru has engaged analogue dark-room techniques alongside digital images and documentary videos. With a focus on process and aesthetics, Wan-Ru has approached topics including dream, time, environment and manipulation of materials, light and photographic technologies, always questioning the possibility of the image.

  • Artist Bio

    Lin, Wan-Ru is a Taiwanese artist based in London. She graduated from Chang Gung University, Taiwan with a BA Degree in Media and Visual Communication Design and completed her Masters with two Distinctions in Photography at the Goldsmith University of London. 


    She has exhibited work at The Royal Scottish Academy of Art & Architecture, the Royal Hibernian Academy of Arts, and the Athens Digital Arts Festival.


    Wan-Ru’s ongoing projects highlight visual illusions to reveal and transform, both Real and Reality.

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