Paul Alty

David Ian Bickley

David Crawford

Fiona Donald

Gareth Hughes

Sophie Jonas-Hill

Archibald Lampman

Walter Lewis

Uura Niemi-Junkola

Valdengrave Okumu

Beatriz Perez

Judit Prieto

Paul Squire

Ravinder Surah

Kirsten Todd

Voices of Earth
Room 4 : Land & People

The artworks Room 4 are all inspired by Earth’s eternal beauty and the symbiotic relationship of humans with the land and nature. It takes the viewer on a journey through the land, flora and fauna, and the visible effects of human activity causing deforestation and pollution. It touches upon the importance of upcycling and listening to the voices of Indigenous female activists to protect and preserve the land, traditions and culture for generations to come.

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