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ART from HEART CIC is a London based Organisation that Curates, Organises and Manages

multidisciplinary group Art Exhibitions and Events focusing on contemporary issues

and advocating Socio-Cultural causes.

We are an enthusiastic team of creatives with a strong commercial sense that

collaboratively have skills and expertise in fundraising, curating, organising, and managing 

large multimedia exhibitions, events programs, and festivals.

We provide a service to Artists, aim to educate and engage the Community, and

support registered Charities whose causes are related and relevant to the

selected exhibition theme.



Equal Opportunities to Multimedia

Artists from all walks of life!

Have a hassle-free platform to exhibit, promote, and sell

your artwork.

Get paid for running workshops and

give performances.

Practice your networking skills and collaborate with other artists.



Develop awareness and understanding

of contemporary

socio-cultural issues.


Participate in the exhibition events

program and learn new skills.


Engage in the debate on

panel discussions, talks, conferences.

Benefit from part-time jobs and new opportunities for local businesses.



Raise awareness about charitable causes and engage the community.

Fundraising opportunities for designated registered charities whose causes are relevant and related to the selected

exhibition theme.

Get extra funds by running workshops

and events.

ART from HEART is a CIC Registered Company No 12181754


Meet The Founders 

Judit Prieto

I'm Co-Founder and Creative Director of Art from Heart. I'm responsible for the Curation, Graphic Design, and Events Management. I'm also a London-based contemporary visual artist and printmaker inspired by nature and passionate about environmental causes.


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Beatriz Perez

I'm Co-Founder and Executive Director of Art from Heart. I'm responsible for Copywriting, Community Management, and Events Management. I'm also a London-based Fine Art and Creative Documentary Photographer with a strong commercial background and passionate about social causes.


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Studio 3.05, Limehouse Arts Foundation, Towcester Road, London E3 3ND

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

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