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The Divine Feminine

Celebrating the Feminine Energy within us & Nature
Virtual Exhibition - London
12 - 31 March 2022

ART from HEART proudly presents the Virtual Art Exhibition The Divine Feminine: Celebrating the Feminine Energy within Us and Nature!


The Exhibition brings together 62 multidisciplinary artists from the UK and Internationally, grouped in 2 Rooms, all inspired by the divine sacred energy that connects with the body, with nature, and with the cycles of creation and transformation. 

The concept of “masculine” and “feminine” energy has been used in many different mystical practices throughout history to describe two synergistic forces that exist within every person, regardless of gender expression. "Masculine” energy is often thought of as being active and outward-oriented, and “feminine” energy is receptive and inward-focused. That said, it is important to clarify that Divine femininity is within us all!

We live in a society that often appears to value thinking over intuition, acting over being receptive and focusing our energy outward rather than inward— but sacred femininity allows us to challenge that status quo. Embracing your divine feminine energy is about finding strength in your own softness and challenging society’s idea of what it means to be empowered. 


The artistic responses to the theme have beauty, depth and sensitivity, and offer a wide range of interpretations, visions, styles, and disciplines, enriching and challenging our perceptions and our relationship with the sacred divine energy.

We invite visitors to view each Room to explore the range of artistic responses to the Divine Feminine!

ROOM 1: Exhibiting Artists 

Alvaro Borchet

Beatriz Perez

Bernd Reichert

Chris Avis

David Jones

Éadaoin Glynn

Emma Roberts

Francesca Busca

Helena Svendsen

Heidi Wigmore

Holly Sandiford

Jan Lee Johnson

Jane Lazenby

Jayn Barker

Jezella Pigott

Joseph Bernadas

Judit Prieto

Kirsten Todd

Linda Pearl Izan

Lola Muñoz

Lucy Einna

Laisa Bellomo Johnson

Maja Szumilas

Nanette Fluhr

Nicholas Wyatt

Richard Quinttenton

Rachel Vogeleisen

Sam Beaden

Sylvia Hommert

Sonali Mohanty

Tijana Jokić

Yvonne Welman

The Divine Feminine
Room 1 : Divine Energy
Soundtrack Stardust Meditation by NaturesEye

The artistic responses in this Room are inspired by the flow of the divine energy from the heavens embodied by Eastern and Western Deities, Goddesses, and Saints. This pure virginal energy has channeled through human forms from different eras and/or artistic forms covering the late stone age with the Venus of Willendorf, Classical, Renaissance, Pre-Raphaelite, and Victorian, to more contemporary interpretations of pure spiritual abstract energy.

The Divine Feminine
Room 2 : Femininity & Nature
Soundtrack Sound-ambience33 by Lachm

The artistic responses in this Room are inspired by the divine spirit of the creation of Earth that connects Goddesses and femininity from the Universe. This shapes the land in various forms like a body till the depths of the human vagina, alluding to the cycles of birth, growth, transformation and death. This feminine energy embraces, dreams, dances, empowers, and celebrates sisterhood and everyday women.

Room 2: Exhibiting Artists

Adele Karmazyn

Alison McIntosh-Prentice

Anne Gundersen

Bailey Graham

Cecilia Kristiari

Celia Mourier Dargie

Clare Smith

Dario Dagostino

Ellaya Yefymova

Emma Hoten

Gillian Hawkins

Gisella Stapleton

Hazel Copcutt

Heidi Hooper

Helena Tiainen

Jezzelle H R Kellam

Joanna Pilarczyk Radecka

Johann Booyens

Judit Prieto

Katrina Niswander

Kirsten Todd

Lauren Green

Lorraine Botbol

Louis Moira

Manon Raman

Molly Hayward

Navjeet Kaur

Richard Quittenton

Ruby Lewis

Susan Thompson

Tara Goswami

Thomas Pettis

Yuliya V Krylova

Thank you for visiting The Divine Feminine Virtual Exhibition!

Congratulations to the Public Choice Award Winners:

🏆1st Prize Winner £150 - Jezzelle H R Kellam
Reverence For My Cell, 2021, Graphite on Paper

🏆2nd Prize Winner £100 - Cecilia Kristiari
Goddess of the Sea, 2022, Watercolour on Paper

🏆3rd Prize Winner - VAA Standard Annual Membership - Jezella Pigott
Bloodsucker, 2021, Collage on Paper

We thank all participating Artists, our Artist Community, our followers, and the Public for supporting the Divine Feminine Exhibition! 

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