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Art Events

We Organise and Manage Art Exhibitions and Art related Events ranging from: Group Art Exhibitions, Solo Exhibitions, Virtual Exhibitions, Panel Discussions, Conferences, Festivals, Film Festivals, Performances, Book Launches and Fundraising events.


We offer an independent and personalised Curatorial Service to contemporary Artists interested in conceptualizing, developing and producing original art exhibitions! We  also assist Organizations, Realtors, and Private Collectors to hang, re-hang, and expand their artwork' collections. 


Graphic Design

We create a unique brand identity for your art exhibition and events and all  promo materials needed such as invitations, leaflets, posters, press release, programme of events, catalogues and zines.


We assist Artists writing the copy for their Artists Statements, Bios, Exhibitions, Press Releases, Websites, Exhibition Catalogues,  and any other promotional materials required!

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