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Cotswold Pennycress by Louise Brook

Cotswold Pennycress by Louise Brook

VAT Included


Acrylic & Mixed Media

40 x 40 cm unframed, 58 x 58 cm framed

(10% of sale proceeds donated to The Wildlife Trusts)

Certificate of Authenticity

  • Artist Statement

    Louise describes the themes she explores in her abstract work as reflective of a natural, lifelong curiosity and a fascination with complex topics, progress, and stark juxtapositions.


    Prompted by the COP15 summit in late 2022, Louise was compelled to research the extent and impact of biodiversity loss, particularly in the UK; the Biodiversity Collection (comprising three eye-catching abstract pieces) forms her artistic response to this crisis.


    Using an exciting mix of acrylic & mixed media these bold, striking abstracts showcase wildflowers that are amongst the most threatened in the UK. Collage spotlights species (including hedgehogs and turtledoves) that are in sharp decline due to modern living and agriculture. With beautiful layers and rich textures, this collection provides a compelling visual experience whilst raising awareness of one of the most critical environmental challenges of our time.


    10% of sale proceeds from this collection will be donated to The Wildlife Trusts.

  • Artist Bio

    Northamptonshire-based Fine Art Artist, Louise Brook, has experience working across multiple styles and mediums. In her abstract work, Louise uses layers of acrylic paint and mixed media to create a rich texture and visual interest, inviting the viewer on a journey to explore a contemporary narrative or a more complex overarching theme. Since moving out of London to focus solely on her artistic career her work has continued to evolve and bold, exciting abstract works have become her predominant focus.


    Louise describes her inspiration as a broad, natural curiosity to explore complex topics. Ideas are drawn from an exciting variety of sources ranging from current affairs to academic research, using storytelling and discovery to create an accessible narrative. Her intention is to inform and intrigue, sparking interest, curiosity, and conversation. Recent achievements include being Longlisted for both the Visual Arts Open 2023 and the Visual Artist’s Association Professional Artist Award 2023.

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