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Our only Home by J Suyi

Our only Home by J Suyi

VAT Included


Mixed media on canvas

40 cm diameter


Certificate of Authenticity

  • Artist Statement

    J Suyi invites the audience to engage a narrative of nonrepresentational abstraction and imagination, which can elicit both emotive and analytical responses. She finds immense joy in facing a blank canvas and bringing it to life with vibrant colours. Through her art, she takes viewers on a transformative journey, exploring an emotional tactile landscape conveyed through a multitude of textures and a vivid tapestry of hues and seeks to evoke a sense of wonder and introspection, inviting others to explore their own perceptions and interpretations. J Suyi believes that colour and texture serve as a means of communication, allowing her to connect with the wolrd.

    Her artistic practice is deeply rooted in freedom and discovery, encouraging viewers to contemplate profound concepts while immersing themselves in the visual and sensory experience. J Suyi's work transcends generations and cultures, offering a universal language that resonates with all walks of life.

  • Artist Bio

    J Suyi, a London-based artist, who creates mesmerizing paintings driven by intuition and curiosity. With a vibrant use of colour and texture, her abstract artworks transport viewers to a boundless world of imagination.


    Inspired by her environment, nature, dual cultural identity, and travels in Africa and the Western world, J Suyi's expressive strokes and multi-layered textures delve into profound questions of existence, spirituality, personal choices, and navigating societal expectations.


    Through her art, she invites us to contemplate life's challenges and explore the intricacies of our individual paths. She is self-taught and has been creating professionally for the last 7 years and has exhibited extensively in the UK, USA and Switzerland.

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