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Three Bumble Bees and the Sunflowers by Ingrid Sanchez

Three Bumble Bees and the Sunflowers by Ingrid Sanchez

VAT Included


Watercolour and acrylic on paper

53 x 71 cm


Certificate of Authenticity

  • Artist Statement

    Ingrid's paintings are a reflection of the infinite inspiration she feels for nature. Through constant experimentation, she seeks different ways to interpret the elements found in any garden or forest. Her connection to the earth is discovered through color and movement.


    Primarily utilizing watercolors, inks, and acrylics on paper, Ingrid enjoys engaging her entire body when moving her brushes. Her art serves as a means to share an alternative perspective of the world—one where nature and spirit converge as one.

  • Artist Bio

    Ingrid Sanchez, also known as CreativeIngrid is a Mexican-British watercolour artist and designer based in London, U.K. She is known for her colourful watercolours inspired by nature, as well as her vibrant and energetic brushstrokes.

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