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Open Call: The Divine Feminine

Virtual Exhibition 12 - 31 March 2022

Deadline Extended: 28th Feb 2022

We are inviting UK-based and International multimedia Artists to submit to our upcoming Virtual Art Exhibition The Divine Feminine - A celebration of the feminine energy within us and Nature!

"The Divine Feminine is a sacred energy from the divine spirit that connects with the body, with nature, and with the cycles of creation and transformation. Is the creative and life-giving energy within all of us that gives form to that which we care about and put our energy into.”-Gabriela Herstik, Goddess Energy. 

The concept of “masculine” and “feminine” energy has been used in many different mystical practices throughout history to describe two synergistic forces that exist within every person, regardless of gender expression. "Masculine” energy often thought of as being active and outward-oriented, and “feminine” energy receptive and inward-focused. That said, it is important to clarify that Divine femininity is within us all!

We live in a society that often appears to value thinking over intuition; taking action over being receptive; and focusing our energy outward rather than inward— but sacred femininity allows us to challenge that status quo. Embracing your divine feminine energy is about finding strength in your own softness and challenging society’s idea of what it means to be empowered.

There is no right or wrong way to connect with this sacred part of your consciousness, so use your creative medium to start exploring and share with us your creative vision of your Divine Feminine Energy!

We look forward to seeing how artists interpret this theme in any way possible. 


Virtual Art Exhibition

Certificate of Participation
Public Choice Award 1st Winner £150 cash

Public Choice Award 2nd Winner £100 cash

Public Choice Award 3rd Winner VAA Membership


All mediums accepted from artists worldwide!

Each entry costs £10 per artwork submitted

You can enter up to four artworks
Every entry plants a tree! 


Please read the Terms & Conditions before applying

Apply Now & Join in the Celebration! 

The Divine Feminine Submission Form

Please confirm the following:
Upload File
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Payment: please select an item & pay accordingly (£)

Thank you for submitting to The Divine Feminine Open Call.

We'll contact the selected Artists after the deadline on 21st Feb 2022

Best wishes from the ART from Heart Team!

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