Voices of Earth
Virtual Art Exhibition
12 June - 12 July 2021

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ART from HEART is proud to present the virtual Exhibition Voices of Earth,

an interdisciplinary group art exhibition Celebrating life on Earth!


The Exhibition was inspired by the poem “Voices of Earth” written by Archibald Lampman in 1895. It brings together 54 multidisciplinary artists from the UK and Internationally, grouped in 4 Rooms, all inspired by the theme of

human-nature relationship.


The Exhibition portrays the eternal beauty and quality of nature while reflecting on humans’ dependency, abuse and destruction of it through time.


The artistic responses to the theme of nature have beauty, depth and sensitivity, and offer a wide range of interpretations, visions, styles, and disciplines, enriching and challenging our perceptions and our relationship with nature.  

We invite visitors to view each Room to explore the range of artistic responses to

Voices of Earth!

Exhibition Soundtrack Branches & Blooms by Paul Alty

Paul Alty

Lewis Andrews

Lucy Archer

Blandine Bardeau

Polly Bennett

David Ian Bickley

Mark Burrell

Judith Burrows

Linda Izan

Valdengrave Okumu

Harikleia Papapostolou

Josie Purcell

Kaoru Shibuta

Ben Snowden

Viktor Tanaskovski

Voices of Earth
Room 1 : Earth Creation

Voices of Earth
Room 2 : Earth Sounds

Paul Alty

Ariel Chavarro Avila

Chris Avis

Olga Biberdorf

David Ian Bickley

Bianca Dakli

Zac Greening

Lisa James

Susana Mulas Lastra

Louisa Pankhurst Johnson

Tracy Penn

Omar Reyna

Elisabeth Richardson

Janet Stafford

Georgina Thornton-Parr

Wendy Alber

Paul Alty

Claire Cooper-Walsh

David Crawford

Silvia Cristobal Alonso

Lola Awada

Tony Bowen

Nata Buachidze

Bill Chambers

Faye Legg

Vitor Mazon

Natalie Oliphant

Gisella Stapleton

Sarah Strachan

Christina Vogiatzis

Louise Wheeler

Stefanie Wolfson

Voices of Earth
Room 3 : Land & People

Voices of Earth
Room 4 : Land & People

Paul Alty

David Ian Bickley

David Crawford

Fiona Donald

Gareth Hughes

Sophie Jonas-Hill

Archibald Lampman

Walter Lewis

Uura Niemi-Junkola

Valdengrave Okumu

Beatriz Perez

Judit Prieto

Paul Squire

Ravinder Surah

Kirsten Todd

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