Art Exhibitions & Events with Socio-Cultural Purpose

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ART from HEART CIC is a London based Organization that Curates, Organizes and Manages multidisciplinary group Art Exhibitions and Events focusing on contemporary issues and advocating Socio-Cultural causes.

Artists of the Month

The competition was created to feature and promote the work of artists worldwide.


Showcasing the Winners of May 2022!

4 Artists - 4 Mediums - 4 Countries

George Sfougaras - Printmaking - Greece

Alessia Sissa - Photography - Italy

Alex Long Yuan - Installation - China

Helen Bradbury - Painting - Ireland

Showcasing the Winners of April 2022!

4 Artists - 3 Mediums - 4 Countries

Scarlett Ford - Mixed Media - UK

Bailey Graham - Photography - Canada

Perrin Marie - Photography - USA

Katherine Boland - Painting - Australia


We Curate, Organise, and Manage multidisciplinary large Group Art Exhibitions and Events focusing on contemporary issues and advocating socio-cultural causes. 


We support the creator's community with

Curatorial, Art Events, Graphic Design and Copywriting Services.



We support the creator's community with Curatorial, Art Events planning, organising & management, Graphic Design and Copywriting Services.


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What People Say

“Curation of ‘We grow into the Forest’ was extremely successful, both in its curatorial vision and through community and visitor engagement.” 

—  Stephanie Pamment, Film and Venue Manager, Tower Hamlets Council

Meet the Founders

ART from HEART is a non-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) registered in 2019. It was founded by London-based artists Judit Prieto and Beatriz Perez to support artists at all stages in their career, engage audiences with contemporary issues and advocate for registered charities whose causes relate to the selected exhibition theme.


Painter - Printmaker - Curator   Entrepreneur


Photographic Artist - Biz Consultant   Entrepreneur

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