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Open Call Exhibition: Branches

Celebrating Nature, Women and Their Empowering Connection

The Art Pavilion - London - 13 - 17 Mar 2024

The 2nd Edition of the ECOFeminism Festival is in the making and we are delighted to invite UK-based multimedia Artists & International Artists to submit to our upcoming Group Art Exhibition 'Branches'.

The Exhibition Branches is a celebration of the different approaches under the umbrella of contemporary Ecofeminism, advocating for an alternative worldview that values the Earth as sacred, recognizes humanity's dependency on the natural world, and embraces all life as valuable.

We invite Artists to explore the connections between women and nature inspired by any of these Ecofeminism branches, through culture, economy, religion, politics, race, class, ethnicity, sexuality, literature, and iconography, emphasizing that both women and nature must be respected.


ECOFeminism Branches

Modern Science and Liberal Ecofeminism - Exploring the dominance of patriarchal structures through binary opposition, behold through religious and scientific constructs. These include but are not limited to heaven/earth, mind/body, male/female, human/animal, spirit/matter, culture/nature and white/non-white.


Spiritual/Cultural Ecofeminism - Inspired by earth-based spirituality, ancient traditions, such as the worship of Gaia, the Goddess of nature and spirituality (also known as Mother Earth), recognising that the Earth is alive and that we are an interconnected community. Not linked to any specific religion, but centred around values of caring, compassion and non-violence. 


Social/Materialist Ecofeminism - Inspired by the connection among labour, power, and property as the source of domination over women and nature. 


Vegetarian Ecofeminism - Exploring the protection of animal rights that suggests a link between meat-eating as a form of patriarchal domination.


Ecofeminism is open to people of all genders, races, colours, classes, religions and ages and all forms of biotic life. All beings are welcome at the table, and all are held as equals.


Join us in our quest to Support equality between ALL people, animals, and Nature! 

The multimedia Group Exhibition will take place 13-17 March 2024, The Art Pavilion, London.


  • All mediums accepted from UK-based artists

  • International Artists are welcome to submit their artwork for onscreen exhibit only.

  • Each entry costs £30 for up to a maximum of 3 artworks

  • Selected UK-based exhibiting artists pay an additional £50 for Gallery & Marketing Fees

  • Selected international artists for onscreen exhibition pay an additional £30 for Gallery & Marketing Fees

Gallery Pop-up Shop to Sell Prints 

& Online Store to Sell Artworks

Every entry plants a tree! 

Together we have planted 308 and counting! 🌳🌳🌳

DEADLINE EXTENDED  15 September 2023

Please read the Terms & Conditions & FAQs before applying

Exhibition Branches Submission Form

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Select an item (£)

Thank you for submitting to the Open Call Exhibition Branches.

We will contact the selected Artists after the deadline on 16 July 2023.

Best wishes from the ART from Heart Team!


WHO IS ELEGIBLE FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY? UK-based Multimedia Artists and International Artists at different stages in their career. HOW MANY ARTWORKS CAN I SUBMIT? Up to a maximum of 3 artworks per artist per submission. ARE THERE ANY ARTWORK SIZE RESTRICTIONS? There are no size restrictions. WHEN IS THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS? 16 July 2023 WHAT IS THE SELECTION CRITERIA? Artworks are selected based on aesthetics, technical skills, intent, theme interpretation, originality, and overall artistic ability. WHEN ARE THE EXHIBITION DATES? The Exhibition dates are 18 Oct 2023 until 22 Oct 2023 DO I HAVE TO PAY A SUBMISSION FEE? General Submission Fee is £30 per artist Selected Exhibiting Artists pay an additional £50 Fee Selected Onscreen Exhibiting Artists pay an additional £30 Fee Every entry plant a tree! WHAT WILL THE EXHIBITION FEES COVER? Gallery & Screen Hiring Fees Artworks Review & Selection Curatorial Layout & Planning Installation Fees Exhibition Events Programme to drive traffic to the Festival Graphic Design & Printing of Promotional Materials (Invitation, posters, press release & leaflets) Exhibition Opening Drinks & Nibbles One Tree planting WHAT PUBLICITY WILL BE PROVIDED AS PART OF THE OPPORTUNITY? Website, Newsletter, Blog, Social Media and Printed Media Promotion. WHERE WILL MY ARTWORK BE EXHIBITED? Selected Artworks will be exhibited in physical and onscreen formats at The Art Pavilion, Mile End Park, Clinton Road, London E3 4QY IS THE ONSCREEN EXHIBITION SHOWN IN THE PHYSICAL GALLERY? Yes, the onscreen presentation of the selected artworks will be shown in the gallery, alongside the physical artworks. IS THERE A DIGITAL SCREEN FOR EACH ARTWORK OR DO YOU SHOW ALL ARTWORKS IN ONE SCREEN? The selected artworks for the onscreen exhibition will be curated and presented on one or two screens depending on the number of submissions. WHAT IS THE BEST ORIENTATION FOR THE ARTWORKS TO BE SHOWN ONSCREEN? The best orientation for the artworks is landscape. However, artworks in portrait format are also accepted, and they will be curated accordingly. IS THERE A SHOP TO SELL PRINTS AND CARDS? Yes, there will be a Pop-Up Shop at the gallery to sell prints & cards in addition to the artworks on display (unless is NFS). We will also have the exhibited artworks for sale on our online shop (unless is NFS). DO YOU CHARGE COMMISSION FOR SALES? We do charge 25% commission on sales. We advise artists to increase their selling prices to reflect this when making their submissions. DO I NEED INSURANCE TO EXHIBIT MY ARTWORK? It is not required but highly recommended if you want guaranteed protection over your artwork while exhibiting. Most of the Venues we hire offer Public Liability Insurance to cover the compensation costs and legal fees if a member of the public is harmed, or their property is damaged, but it does not cover the exhibited artworks.

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