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Artists of the Season Winners - Winter 2023!

Updated: Jan 19

ART from HEART is excited to announce the Winners of the Artist of the Season featured in our Winter 2023 edition!

3 Artists, 1 Medium, 2 Countries:

Jacek Krzysik - Mixed Media Painting - Poland

Caroline Boff - Acrylic Painting - Manchester, UK

Susanna Zema - Watercolour Painting - London, UK

The competition is open to multimedia artists worldwide and was created to showcase, promote and raise the visibility of the work of emerging and mid-career artists. The winners are featured on our website and social media platforms and considered for any upcoming curatorial projects by ART from HEART. Artworks are selected based on creativity, originality, quality of work, and overall artistic ability.

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Artist Jacek Krzysik - Mixed Media Painting - Poland

© Jacek Krzysik, Paradise Garden Series, Acrylic on Canvas, 2022, All Rights Reserved

Paradise Garden IV, Paradise Garden VI, Paradise Garden V

Jacek Krzysik is a Polish painter living and working in Hastings, East Sussex. Currently, his main interest is abstraction. The artist uses various techniques, looking for his methods of expression.

Krzysik Paradise Garden Series is inspired by flowers from his garden. It is a play with colour and flat, graphic form, making the flowers semi-abstract. He created a series of eight paintings devoted only to flowers, trying to lay the colours flat. Using a variety of techniques ranging from acrylic, oil and collage.

Krzysik is a permanent member of ArtForum in Hastings, where he regularly exhibits. He studied in the years 1973 to 1978 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław (a former branch of Bauhaus Art Academy).

In 1978 he defended his diploma at the Faculty of Painting and Sculpture in the field of painting. Jacek Krzysik took part in various individual and collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad, mainly in England. After graduation, he started working as an independent designer and creator of numerous murals in Poland.

In 1991, he founded his art gallery in Krakow, "Susan Gallery", where he organized several exhibitions in Poland and abroad, and founded a screen printing studio, where he printed posters and leaflets for galleries and cultural institutions in Krakow (Poland).

In 2005 Krzysik moved to England and returned to painting in 2007. The main topic in the years 2007 to 2021 was mainly "Still life" and portrait. He has been commissioned several portraits of elderly people.

The artist's works are in private collections in Poland, Germany, France, Canada, the USA, England, and Japan.

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Artist Caroline Boff - Abstract Painting - Manchester, UK

©Caroline Boff, Acrylics on stretched canvas, 2023, All Rights Reserved.

From Left to Right: Into The Blue; Into The Pink; Into Cotton Candy

Caroline Boff is a contemporary artist based in Bolton, Greater Manchester area in the UK. She paints from the heart enjoying the pros of self-expression. She finds creating her artwork a meditative and relaxing experience, or conversely energising and releasing. In general, her work is medium to large scale, in acrylic paints on stretched canvas. Boff uses other materials occasionally. The style of her painting varies, this has included Abstract, Representational, and Expressionism.

Boff explores in her artwork what it means to feel, to move, to psychologically process, to recover, to love, to be an artist and to be human.

In my painting I aim to alleviate suffering and spread joy. I want the viewer to feel happiness, inspired and free.

Boff is a passionate Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and she is sponsoring the National Social Media Awards in London and LA this year. Her artwork has been featured in Vogue, Tatler, Vanity Fair, House and Garden, Collection, London Life, Voices of Tomorrow and the Collector's Choice China.

Boff has a BSc in Economics and Sociology from Bristol University as well as a Diploma in Psychology from Bolton University. She is currently studying for her MA in Fine Art at the Open College of the Arts, based in the UK.

Boff has lived and worked in London, New York and Egypt and she has studied in Madrid, Granada and Barcelona in Spain. She has exhibited recently in London, Miami and New York and has an upcoming exhibition in New York.

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Artist Susanna Zema - Watercolour Painting - London, UK

© Susanna Zema, Wildlife in Bloom: An Emotional Journey Series, All Rights Reserved.

Watercolour Paintings with gold, copper and silver leaves on 100% cotton paper

Stupore (Tiger); Incanto (Polar Bear), Avrò cura di te (Gorilla)

Susanna Zema is a multidisciplinary artist on a mission to inspire self-discovery through purposeful art that taps into nature's archetypal power. Her art is a meditation on the interconnectedness of life and nature. She works primarily with watercolours to capture our world's fluidity and natural essence, inspired by the beauty of wildlife, flowers, and the wonder of human emotions. She often employs bold brushstrokes and splashes to convey the vitality of life.

Zema's art carries a dual message: the importance of wildlife and ecosystem conservation and the joy and spiritual connection with the beauty of our world and the universe. She aims to foster a more conscious and caring relationship with nature, inspiring viewers to appreciate life's splendour through her art.

As a multidisciplinary artist, Zema believes in the spiritual and transformative power of nature, the Earth, and the Universe to heal and uplift the human soul.

In a world where chaos and stress often rule, my art is a beacon of light, reminding us to reconnect with the natural world and tap into its divine energy. I want to help those feeling lost, disconnected, or drained by modern life rediscover their inner peace and happiness.

In her series 'Wildlife in Bloom: An Emotional Journey', Zema explores the beauty of the natural world and the complexity of human emotions. Animals are the representation of humans as part of our ecosystem and as our spirit guardians. Together with the rare and giant flowers and the energy coming from the sun, the stars, the moon and the rainbow, they go deeper into the realm of life challenges and how we can overcome them, spreading joy and energy everywhere, no matter how hard is the journey.

With every artwork Zema creates, she aims to inspire people to look at the world with fresh eyes and transport them to a realm of pure and mystical beauty, where they can experience a spiritual connection with the natural world and the universe. It's a journey to reclaim what's been lost and experience the profound joy and serenity of being in harmony with the Earth and the cosmos.

As Zema expands her artistic horizons and collaborates with fellow creators on community-enhancing projects, especially those related to wildlife conservation, she strives to create art that enriches the soul and encourages us all to embrace life to the fullest.

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