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Artists of the Month WINNERS - March 2023!

Updated: May 1, 2023

ART from HEART is excited to announce the Winners of the Artist of the Month - March 2023!

4 Artists, 4 Mediums, 2 Countries:

Luminița Bălănescu - Textile Art - Romania

Claire Mont Smith - Printmaking - UK

Judith Beeby - Painting - UK

Vicky Cardin - Mixed Media - UK

The competition is open to multimedia artists worldwide and was created to showcase, promote and raise the visibility of the work of emerging and mid-career artists. The winners are featured on our website and social media platforms and considered for any upcoming curatorial projects by ART from HEART. Artworks are selected based on creativity, originality, quality of work, and overall artistic ability.

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Luminița Bălănescu - Textile Art - Bucharest, Romania

© Luminița Bălănescu, Textile Art, 'Connection with Nature Series', 2022-23, All Rights Reserved.

Artist Luminița Bălănescu is from Bucharest, Romania. She is a freelance artist specialising in thread art and textile art. From a young age, she was inspired to create unique works, crocheting, sewing and macrame knotting being her main passions.

Her work straddles the line between art and yarn sculpture, being composed of several pieces of coloured rope attached to the canvas and thus creating a complex network of intertwining branches. The result is truly unique.

The art of thread sculpting transforms the rope from an ordinary, overlooked material into an eye-catching work of art.

As the brightly coloured strings unfold across the canvas, they take on the appearance of an organic form reminiscent of branches, twisted tree roots, complex networks of veins and arteries, and the dense flows of rivers.

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Claire Mont Smith - Printmaking - London, UK

© Claire Mont Smith, Colliding Worlds #1, #2, #3, #4, a series of screen prints made in 2023.

All Rights Reserved.

Artist Claire Mont Smith works with threads or storylines that may arise from everyday activities, events, or news and follow them through different processes and materials.

Stories from science, history, nature, and the everyday run through her work, as do ideas about vulnerabilities, eternality, and longevity.

Although often abstract in form, Claire’s art is always concerned with the material world that surrounds us - atmosphere, environment, surface, texture, and natural forms, all have a part.

While centred around observation and reflection, my procedures embrace the accidental, the contingent, even the arbitrary. I try to explore the possibilities of 'error' and 'mistake' and to incorporate unexpected occurrences. In so doing I want to bring attention to process and context, to the corporeal action of mark-making and to traces of the particular moment in which the work was produced. (...) It is a game of chance, like cards, where the elements are known but their final juxtaposition is not, and when revealed has multiple consequences which can be acted upon.

Claire's artistic career spanning 45 years, has seen her take on multiple creative hats, such as teaching, lecturing, printmaking, and Chairing the East London Printmakers (ELP). She is a multi-award winner, had multiple solo shows, and has participated in numerous group exhibitions.

Claire gained an MA in Contemporary Art Theory, from Goldsmiths, University of London; an MA in Fine Art, from Chelsea College Art; and a BA in Fine Art, from Reading University.

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Judith Beeby - Painting - Wiltshire, UK

©Judith Beeby, Watercolour Paintings. All Rights Reserved.

Left to Right: Pylon, 2022; Factory, 2022; Telegraph Road, 2023

Judith Beeby is a contemporary abstract painter based in Wiltshire, UK. She gains inspiration from the encroachment of industrial sites into the rural environment. She paints using loose, wet into wet watercolour.

My work is a celebration of colour and my paintings are created by manipulating the movement of paint, blending different hues and tones, changing the viscosity and using gravity to dictate the paint’s movement. The results of this process become a subjective, fantasy landscape which engages the viewer.

Pylon illustrates the domination of pylons which march across the countryside. Factory studies the smoke and pollutants being released into our atmosphere by factories which can be strangely powerful and beautiful. Telegraph Road questions what lies beneath our feet when the urban overlaps with the rural.

Judith completed an MA in Fine Art at Bath Spa University and in 2016, and a BA (Hons) in Creative Art in June 2014, She is based in a studio in rural Wiltshire. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally, is a Member of The Royal Academy of West of England Artists' Network and is the recipient of the Royal West of England Academy Watercolour prize 2022.

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Vicky Cardin - Mixed Media - London, UK

© Vicky Cardin, All Rights Reserved.

From Left to Right:

-Proximity and Distance, site installation at Kingston College created from a copier self-portrait enlarged and tiled onto 90 A3 laser printed sheets, 2.7 x 3.6m, 2023

-Proximity and Distance, 25 copier self-portraits mounted and displayed in 5x5 grid, 1.2 x 1.5m, Inkjet on 240gsm cartridge paper, 2023

-Self-Portrait, A copier self-portrait, Inkjet on cartridge paper, 2022

Vicky Cardin is a lens-based artist from South West London whose work draws on her background in graphic design. She works with traditional technologies like photocopying and printing, layering photographs and drawings, documents, maps and other source material to investigate connections between history, place, time and self-identity.

My work is an exploration of autobiography, memory and relationships and addresses anxieties and expectations about ageing, femininity and motherhood.

Vicky worked with a home photocopier to produce a series of “self-portraits”, capturing images of her face and hands with her late mother’s jewellery.

She embraces the quotidian functionality of the medium, creating links between the dated technology and her age and gender and referencing ideas about “women’s work” in the office, the invisibility of the older woman in society, and reproduction, both technological and biological.

The proximity of the subject to the copier lens juxtaposes the blurred, fragility of the human body with the fine detail of the objects, reflecting on ephemerality and permanence, closeness and distance, and love and loss.

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