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Artists of the Season Winners - Spring 2024!

Updated: Jun 5

ART from HEART is excited to announce the Winners of the Artist of the Season featured in our Spring 2024 edition!

3 Artists, 3 Mediums, 3 Countries:

Svetlana Kornilova - Painting - Moscow, Russia / London, UK

Vaibhavi Dhankhar - Mixed Media - India / Sheffield, UK

Louisa Pankhurst Johnson - Photography - Wales, UK

The competition is open to multimedia artists worldwide and was created to showcase, promote and raise the visibility of the work of emerging and mid-career artists. The winners are featured on our website and social media platforms and considered for any upcoming curatorial projects by ART from HEART. Artworks are selected based on creativity, originality, quality of work, and overall artistic ability.

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Artist Svetlana Kornilova - Painting - Moscow, Russia

© Svetlana Kornilova, 2023, oil, acrylic, linen, All Rights Reserved

From Left to Right: We can't stop the rain; A bird in the hand; Exodus

Svetlana is a London-based Artist from Moscow, Russia. She has developed her unique artistic retro style that blends academicism, neo-retro aesthetics and colours that draw much inspiration from the 1960s. She developed her signature style after completing her studies at the Moscow State University of Art and Industry named after Stroganov (2009-2014).

Svetlana Kornilova's portfolio demonstrates portraits and multi-figured compositions in traditional mediums of oil and canvas. By placing an object in canvas space, she shows the situation or stage the person is going through. Her characters perform intelligible, tangible actions within recognizable physical objects.

Inspired by her observations, memories, and reflections on the importance and fragility of childhood, Svetlana continuously pushes the boundaries of artistic expression. In her work, she looks for answers and evokes a meaningful dialogue with the viewer returning them to their childhood. the picture is like a portal through which the viewer can look back, plunge into their memories or suggest some events in the future.

I explore the ephemerality of our current existence. Despite of the fact that we are in material space, our life is increasingly flowing into the net. The possibilities of modern technologies allow you to transfer most of your time into the nets of electronic devices, leaving real life outside of it. Thus, a person begins to live more and more not in the real world, but in the world of information phantoms.
In my paintings, I try to fix a person in the material space. I portray an ideal world where everything is in its place.

Svetlana has exhibited in numerous galleries and museums worldwide (Gagliardi Gallery, UK, Metropolitan Pavilion, USA, Mall Galleries, UK, Chelsea Old Town Hall, UK, Loreta Larkina Gallery, Italy). Also, she is a member of the Society of Women Artists (UK, 2023), the Moscow Union of Artists (Russia, 2019), and the Union of Artists of Russia (2016).

Svetlana is a prize-winner in numerous prestigious international competitions. These include London Art Biennale 2021, Society of Women Artists 2021, Art. Excellence. Awards 2020, The Venice Guests Contest 2019, Artist of the Year 2017. Her works are in private collections in the US, UK, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Greece, France, Ecuador and Russia.

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Artist Vaibhavi Dhankhar - Mixed Media - India/Sheffield, UK

© Vaibhavi Dhankhar, 2021-22, All Rights Reserved.

From Left to Right: The Blooming Cacti-1; The Blooming Cacti-02.14; The Ageless Garden 2.16

Vaibhavi, an established artist from India, is now venturing into Sheffield, UK's vibrant art scene. She has devoted a decade to her artistic practice, delving into the intricate realms of human relationships and emotions. Drawing from the emotional depth of her encounters, personal experiences and relationships, her art serves as a visual memoir, capturing the essence of lessons learnt.

A pivotal aspect of her artistic evolution is the symbolic use of cacti to represent the male figure in her works. A concept that emerged spontaneously from her subconscious and has grown to become a central theme in her artistic expression.

This concept emerged organically from my subconscious, recognizing structural similarities between a cactus and a phallus. The inherent characteristics of both the cactus and the men in my life—rigid, rough, low-maintenance, and inherently masculine—became intertwined in my art. The delicate, seasonal flower on the cactus serves as a contrasting symbol, representing fragility and femininity, sometimes used to depict me or the women I've encountered.

Vaibhavi's works, initially narrative-driven, have transitioned into a visual exploration of relationships and emotions. The artist's fascination with diverse mediums, including resin, videography, photography, porcelain clay, and traditional painting materials, reflects her commitment to experimentation and visual diversity. Scribbling, a recurrent element in her creations, symbolizes chaos, reinforcing the importance of stability in the foundation of relationships. The versatility in materials mirrors the multifaceted nature of relationships, with each medium contributing to the complexity of her artistic expression.

Despite the diversity in mediums and techniques, the common thread weaving through her artworks is the thematic exploration of personal experiences. In essence, her art serves as a profound reflection of the myriad emotions and memories that shape her artistic journey.

Born and raised in India, she completed her post-graduation and preceding education in her homeland before making a significant move to Sheffield, UK, driven by the pursuit of new artistic opportunities and inspired by her partner's professional endeavours as a doctor in the NHS. The intention is to establish a temporary home in the UK, fostering artistic growth and exploration.

As she navigates the dynamic landscape of the Sheffield art scene, Vaibhavi's artworks continue to serve as poignant reflections of her experiences, capturing the essence of her emotional journey and the lessons learned along the way. Her relocation to the UK marks a new chapter in her artistic journey, as she seeks to expand her horizons further and contribute to the rich tapestry of the global art community.

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Artist Louisa Pankhurst Johnson - Photography - Wales, UK

© Louisa Pankhurst Johnson, Sea Poetry Series, Swansea Bay, 2023, All Rights Reserved.

From Left to Right: Sea Poetry; Sea Poetry IV, Sea Poetry III

12 x 12" box canvas photographic prints

Louisa Pankhurst Johnson is a UK-based international Fine Artist and Visual Poet Inspired by nature, spirituality & the sublime. She is obsessed with photographing water mostly the sea.

Seeing the images in my 'mind's eye' is a devotional experience. My 'Sea Poetry' Images' are created while in a state of Social Mystification' which I transfigure into sublime canvases of Reposeful and Spiritual Contemplation.

Her Fine Art Seascape Series titled 'Sea Poetry' embodies the work of Karl Marx, Aristotle, John Berger, Rothko, Kazimir Malevich and John Piper.

Louisa has exhibited in art shows across the UK & internationally. She is a member of the Swansea Enterprise Hub / Elysium Artist Studios.

'On The Shores Where Land Meets The Deep Blue,

A Symphony Of Waves Breaks Through,

Their Rhythmic Dance, A Captivating Sight,

In The Realm Where Sea And Sky Unite.

Sea Poetry'

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