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Artists of the Month WINNERS - November 2022!

ART from HEART is excited to announce the Winners of the Artist of the Month - November 2022!

4 Artists, 3 Mediums, 4 Countries:

Oana Bacović - Photography - UK

Nathalie Wessels - Painting - South Africa

Aurelie Crisetig - Photography - Switzerland

Mårlenē Jorgē - Digital Art - Dominican Republic

The competition is open to multimedia artists worldwide and was created to showcase, promote and raise the visibility of the work of emerging and mid-career artists. The winners are featured on our website and social media platforms and considered for any upcoming curatorial projects by ART from HEART. Artworks are selected based on creativity, originality, quality of work, and overall artistic ability.

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Oana Bacović - Photography - UK

© Oana Bacović, All Rights Reserved.

Left to Right:

1 Intergalactic, “Absolute Beginner” Collection, 2021

2 Punk's not dead, “Absolute Beginner” Collection, 2021

3 Fiesta, “Absolute Beginner” Collection, 2021

4 Paradise Apples, “Desert Days” Collection, 2021

5 Major Tom, “Desert Days” Collection, 2021

Medium: Hahnemühle Bamboo 290gsm.

Available in limited editions of 10 x A1 (84,1 x 59,4 cm)

Signed and with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Oana M. Baković is a contemporary fine art photographer with a predilection for the wild and endangered flora, peculiar plants, big bodies of water & motion. Since 2020, her interest lies mainly in the natural world.

This collection documents the tragic beauty of nature in trouble. Its mission - provoke the observer into exploring the causes and the consequences, reconnecting with nature and working toward a solution.

As a human, I enjoy the wonders of discovery and constant advancement that define us as species, but I am also sad that we overlook the wonders so close.
The desire to overcome this condition pushed me in my own exploration, and I am happy to go further on that path day after day.

Things started moving in the right direction when she participated and won first prize in a local photography art contest. By 2022, following her win at The Sony World Photography Awards, Aesthetica Magazine wrote:

'Baković offers a fresh take on floral photography. The results are almost alien, highlighting the natural world from the inside. Seemingly small plants become towering giants in front of Baković’s lens, rendered in rich and saturated colour palettes.’

Oana is committed to the cause of saving the natural world by showing its exquisite beauty in detail, capturing simple magical moments as they happen, and always looking for unique locations where nature reigns. It is her fear of humanity losing its mindfulness of the surrounding nature that drives her on this journey to capture and share the sometimes overlooked beauty of the world we are part of. The artist likes to emphasise ‘nature’s flaws’ in her art, and no shift, beautification or arrangement must add to what nature created herself. The challenge of chasing interesting angles and intensities of natural light is the backbone of her approach.

Oana prints her photographs in Hahnemühle Bamboo, made from 90% bamboo fibres. The unique combination of sustainable bamboo fibres and the soft-touch texture gives a high-quality print finish, providing a natural, and more environmentally friendly paper choice.

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Nathalie Wessels - Painting - South Africa

© Nathalie Wessels, All Rights Reserved.

Left to Right: Careless; Mother Nature, 2020

Medium: Acrylics on canvas

Self-taught artist Nathalie Wessels draws inspiration from African people, particularly their expressions, which have a story behind them. This, along with the beautiful traditional and colourful clothing, became her theme. The purity and complexity of different cultures continue to fascinate her and persuade her to translate them onto canvas. Acrylics are her medium of choice. The process of painting is for her a journey where she discovers new things about herself and about painting.

'This country (South Africa) is so beautiful that I soon fell under the spell of the beautiful proud people and their unpolished lived faces and appearances. They teach me what life should really be about'.

In the same way that people change through time, the world also changes as a result of our actions. It is sometimes an improvement, but most often it is a deterioration, resulting in nature paying the highest price. Nevertheless, Nathalie is inspired by nature in all its aspects, and she expresses her concern in her paintings.

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Aurelie Crisetig - Photography - Switzerland

© Aurelie Crisetig, (dis)locations Series, All Rights Reserved

Aurelie Crisetig (b. 1992, Vevey, Switzerland) is a visual artist and photographer from Switzerland. She uses photography to explore the alteration of human memory in a world overwhelmed by digital entities. Her work reflects the constant use of visual mechanical recordings in everyday life.

Working with film and digital photography as well as mixed media art, her practice revolves around the (re)discovery of urban landscapes and (re)collections of daily life elements.

The Series '(dis)locations’ depicts the alteration of landscapes through digital topography. Each scenery represents a variation of time and space. Captured at different moments, every pattern of land is merged into a single image created by satellite renderings.

The patchwork of digital mapping composed of fragmented landscapes expresses the technological difficulties of precisely representing a location on Earth. These abstract sceneries found online describe a paralleled reality where seasons and time are combined and blend into each other, forming a dreamlike landscape.

Aurelie holds a BA in Art History and Film Studies from Lausanne, a MA in Photography from UAL: University of the Arts, London and a MA in History of Art and Archaeology of East Asia at SOAS, University of London.

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Mårlenē Jorgē - Digital Art - Dominican Republic

© Mårlenē Jorgē, All Rights Reserved

Top Left to Right: Immense, Perpetuity

Bottom Left to Right: Esporadica, Residumbre

Medium: Digital Art / Procreate

Artist Mårlenē Jorgē was born in Santiago, Dominican Republic, in 1974, is a neurodivergent, autodidact, a pop surrealist artist who addresses unconsciousness in its true nature, offering a unique version of liberated unconsciousness.

Mårlenē style is best known for its liberation from the common perspective, providing a subtle yet unique composition from an elevated place, inviting the spectators to break free from preconceptions or society's blueprints.

My process is made of impromptu expression and unforced outbursts, and my compositions are like a personal diary, with works stemming from volatile emotions that well up within my mind and inquisitive spirit. I try channelling my creative urges in order to produce unique artwork by extracting all creative juice from daily emotion-triggering activities, as much as from more personal, deep realms.

Mårlenē invites us to understand and embrace who we truly are without the life-giving preconceptions we ceaselessly experience. Her work challenges the spectators to sympathize with their inner selves; untouched by preconceived social, cultural and fostering backgrounds.

Mårlenē Jorgē spent her youth between her native Dom. Rep and USA.

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