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Artists of the Month - July 2021 WINNERS!

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

ART from HEART is excited to announce the Winners of the Artist of the Month - July 2021 Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion with PRIDE in support of the LGTBQ+ Community!

4 Artists, 3 Mediums, 3 Countries:

Alice Mason - Photography - UK

Francesca Alaimo - Mixed Media - Italy

Chris Pig - Photography - Italy

Jose Gomez - Painting - Spain

The competition is open to multimedia artists worldwide and created to showcase, promote and raised the visibility of the work of emerging and mid-career artists. The winners are featured on our website and social media platforms and considered for any upcoming curatorial projects by ART from HEART. Artworks are selected based on creativity, originality, quality of work, and overall artistic ability.

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Alice Mason - Photography - UK

© Alice Mason, All Rights Reserved.

Top Left to Right: Fly the Flag; Untitled,

Bottom Left to Right: I AM a Man; Untitled

The images were taken during the 2019 Pride Parade.

British Artist Alice Mason is an emerging urban photographer with a strong focus on documenting everyday moments –from protests to commutes. Having studied film at university, she has experimented with different mediums before finding a passion for photography. Through various collaborations she has also been able to experiment with photography styles while working on portrait and fashion shoots.

Believing there is great beauty to be found in everyday life, my photos are rarely staged and instead capture organic scenes of life in the capital.

With the majority of my photography being in black and white I pay a lot of attention to light and shade and the roles they play in creating powerful images.

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Francesca Alaimo - Mixed Media - Italy

© Francesca Alaimo, All Rights Reserved

Top Left to Right: Every You Becomes One; Game On; I thought I had lost You

Bottom Left to Right: Take What's Yours; Her Wounds Become Him.

Italian Artist Francesca Alaimo is a self-taught mixed media artist based in London. They creates interventions on paper through manipulation and transformation of materials and images, using prints, water-based oils, acrylics and wax.

Francesca explores visibility, vulnerability and courage within the context of gender, sex, sexuality and identity politics. Part of their artistic practice is to undo what they has painted, mirroring the act of deconstructing our certainties and exposing our inconsistencies.

In my art I explore the struggle to be seen for who we are.
My subjects challenge others to see, feel and want the essence of what is rather than what appears to be. They have accepted that they are not meant to fit in but to stand out, and provocatively reveal the emotional layers of their cores to those who dare to look closely. They have arrived at that irreversible point where an individual needs to take the world on and reveal their truth.

Francesca's work comes from the urge to communicate thoughts and feelings to others in a way that could stimulate their own creativity. They deeply believes in the ripple effect that art has on people, in that what we intend to communicate in a piece of art becomes a separate entity giving rise to potentially endless meanings and stimuli when interacting with an audience.

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Chris Pig - Photography - Italy

© Chris Pig, All Rights Reserved.

Top Left to Right: Love is Love; Caged

Bottom Left to Right: Untitled; Light at the end of the Tunnel; Point of View

Chris Pig is an Italian photographer based in London since the early 1990’s. They has grown up around cameras and has always loved this medium. Been shy and a bit of an introvert, they has heavily relied on photographs to express her opinions and frustrations.

Chris has a tongue in cheek approach to life and always tries to diffuse any heated situation with a smile or a joke. A good sense of humour is very important to they. Chris has been influenced by 1940’s and 1950’s movies and by the Hollywood golden era of cinema, with its beautiful costumes and divas. Fashion is a very important element in their photography work, and they builds her props and stage, and sources all the vintage clothing.

Chris's work reflects how they was brought up. Their pictures are heavily staged and very colourful with a lot of props and a vintage feel. Some other times, their work has a darker side to it, with monochrome images and a more sinister look and feel.

Chris's photographs tackle issues that are personal and very close to their heart, like bullying, homophobia, greed, politics and money, the environment, poverty and anything that limits other people’s freedom.

Photography is a very powerful and important weapon and as an artist I believe I have the duty to use it to spread awareness of social issues.

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Jose Gomez- Painting - Spain

© Jose Gomez, All Rights Reserved.

Top Left to Right: Interracial couple at the beach with a plastic flamingo; Interracial couple bathing in Portugal aka the gaze

Bottom Left to Right: Man on the beach with the pink panther; Man in a pool

Jose Gomez is a visual artist, originally from Seville and based in London. His practice is about perception, form and colour: visual and conceptual. He explores through his paintings how mindfulness as a natural quality touches our sense in our collective and popular territory.

As an artist, Jose is mainly interested in creating works that call for the participation of the viewers. He considers his cultural identity, from Southern Spain, a significant inspiration for his work as well as his observations and experiences from being a "pleasure-seeking" Londoner.

As a dynamic and innovation-seeking artist I evolve in each series of work that I make, using different materials and techniques which allow me to explore from various perspectives with energy, expression and freedom.
The human figure and vivid colours are present in my paintings; it allows me to switch seemingly from abstract to figurative composition.

Jose moved to London in 2000 with the new millennium and in 2012 obtained a BA Degree in Sculpture at the Camberwell College of Arts. Since then, his work has been shown in many Group exhibitions around London including: The Espacio Gallery (Flesh, 2015), The Menier Gallery (Beyond Margins, 2015), The OXO Tower (Tribe 17 at the Bargehouse, 2017) and The Tower Bridge Engine Rooms (The Art Bridge #8, 2018). His latest solo exhibition was travelling through art spaces and art galleries in Valencia (Spain) for 6 months until March 2019.

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