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Artists & Women of the Month - March 2021 WINNERS!

Updated: May 18

portrait of a woman torso on a black background wearing a turbant with the USA flag
Cover Image: Artist Jiang Feng, Untitled from the Series 'Unwholesome Shelter''

ART from HEART is excited to announce the Winners of the Artist & Women of the Month Open Call March 2021 - A Special Edition to celebrate WOMEN's International Month!

8 Artists, 6 Mediums, 5 Countries:

Panni Marosi - Painting - Budapest, Hungary

Joanna Jass - Drawing - London, UK

Maggie Lea - Painting - Manchester, UK

岩谷雪子 Yukiko Iwatani - Sculpture - Kochi, Japan

劉鳳鴒 Feng Ling Liu - Mixed Media Installation - Taoyuan, Taiwan

江峰 Jiang Feng - Photography - New Taipei City, Taiwan

Roxitions - Painting - Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Annarita Mazzilli - Collage - London, UK

The competition is open to multimedia artists worldwide and created to showcase and promote the work of emerging and mid-career artists. The winners are featured on our website and social media platforms and considered for any upcoming curatorial projects by ART from HEART. Artworks were selected based on creativity, originality, quality of work, and overall artistic ability.

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Panni Marosi - Painting - Budapest, Hungary

©Panni Marosi. All Rights Reserved.

From Left to Right: Afternoon Daydreaming | Archipelago | Fictitious Memories | Ablakzsiráf | Personal Territory

Panni Marosi's uses a classical technique in oil painting with an emphasis on colours and recurring motives. The repetition of patterns in an alternating rhythm is one of the main characteristics of her artworks, such as the use of North-African or Oriental motives, which she discovered during a student exchange period in Portugal.

I made countless sketches and photos of the ’azoulejos’ (painted tileworks) that are found on the walls of the buildings in Porto, still serving as an inspiration for my paintings. To me, these dynamic patterns represent the continuity of being.

The first four images are from the Series 'Fictitious Memories' exploring dreamscapes. The work is mainly focused on transporting the viewer to a strange and beautiful place where anything is possible. The last image, Personal Territory, from the Series 'Intimate Talismans' (ongoing), focuses on exploring her immediate environment and is centred around personal identity and its mapping through objects.

Panni started her art studies in 2019, in the Secondary School of Visual Arts in Budapest in the class of Istvan Sinko. In 2013 she was awarded the Domanovszky Prize of Excellence. In 2015 she commenced the Painting programme of University of Pécs, in the class of Peter Somody.

During her studies she has participated in several exhibitions in Budapest, Pécs and Székesfehérvár and became a member of the Lift Art Group organising many events and projects. Panni spent a semester in Porto, Portugal with an Erasmus scholarship in 2018. At the University of Porto She was in the class of Domingos Loureiro, spending much of her time in the painting studio as well as wandering the streets of Porto for inspiration.

Since 2016 she has been invited annually to join different art camps and residencies in Hungary. In 2018 she was awarded the Art Prize from Unilever. She graduated from university in 2020 and has been actively working on her paintings in her art studio, located in the Nyolcésfél Inspirational Zone in Budapest.

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Joanna Jass - Drawing - London, UK

©Joanna Jass. All Rights Reserved.

From left to right: All images Untitled. Drawings on paper with black ink pen & pencil

Joanna Jass felt the urge to revisit her art practice during the strict lockdown in Mallorca, Spain, where she currently resides, as she was yearning to be amongst nature. So, she drew it! Animals and flora, questioning the basics of life and how over-complicated it has become. The black and white simplifies it. Her work evokes feelings of emptiness and a sense of starkness through the absence of colour. The limited number of animals used in each drawing triggers feelings of loneliness, peril, helplessness, and the forced migration from natural habitats. And what this means for our future? We are only left to wonder, as the future feels evermore unknown.

We are witnessing the effects of the damage we have inflicted upon our planet. For instance the bleaching of the great barrier reef, or deforestation. The pandemic. It felt necessary, to remove colour to heighten this. A feeling of a lost habitat. A barren wasteland. Salt contaminated soil.

Joanna continues to question and explore those areas more effected by climate change, particularly the ocean. Certain species that are endangered or struggling.

I think it is also extremely valid to be considering all the materials I use. Is it recycled? How has it been treated? What connections or links are there between the materials I use and the subject?

Joanna graduated from UNITEC in Auckland NZ with a BA Degree in design & Visual Communications in 2007. Immediately after finishing her degree, she re-located to London, England, her birthplace. She started her career working at the London and Fashion Textile Museum, founded by Zandra Rhodes. She blossomed artistically during her time working under the respected Atelier Anna Valentine. In 2011 Joanna moved to Mallorca, Spain. During lockdown, she felt the urge to be in contact with art and nature by drawing. The drawings are taken from photos to capture the animals' physical traits.

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Maggie Lea - Painting - Manchester, UK

© Maggie Lea. All Rights Reserved.

From left to right: Flora at Bury bus station | Apollo in Bury bus station | Icarus Falling on Bury Job Centre | Mermaid sleeping among shopping trolleys | Persephone in Hades

Maggie Lea's work often shows fairly mundane places (like Bury bus station) and activities such as housework, but she tries to communicate how amazing these small aspects of life can be, sometimes by adding unexpected mythological creatures or beings.

Apollo is bemused and disorientated by the wonderful glass and metal structure of the bus station where the rushing people are reflected and re-reflected in the windows.
However, as amazing as this world is, it can also be dreadful: Apollo represents the misfits, the people that can’t quite cope with this pace of life; a homeless mermaid has to sleep amongst the shopping trolleys in a local pond; a young person, attempting to soar after finishing their education come crashing back down to earth.

After training in the early 1970s, Maggie went into teaching, with the commonly held but crazy idea that she would do her own art work in her spare time. Combining this exhausting Art career with bringing up a family, she didn’t actually get to do much of her own work until she retired about 10 years ago. Since then she has worked in painting and print making, using her home as studio, with an etching press converted from a mangle in the cellar. Maggie has exhibited work locally, both individually and collectively, and recently exhibited work in Germany.

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岩谷雪子 Yukiko Iwatani - Sculpture - Kochi, Japan

© 岩谷雪子Yukiko Iwatani. Untitled Sculptures from the Series Whispers of Sleepless Plants.

All Rights Reserved.

Artist 岩谷雪子 Yukiko Iwatani makes small delicate sculptures with plants. She reconstructs the charm of plants as art forms retaining - as much as possible - the feelings she receives from the plants. She considers plants to be one of the most important life forms on Earth. She creates places where people can listen to the plant’s whispers.

We human beings are just one part of the ecosystems of the earth. In fact we are alive because of many living things. I create my artwork because I think that it is really important now to have the sensibility to feel many living things which actually exist around us.