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Artists of the Month - June 2021 WINNERS!

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

ART from HEART is excited to announce the Winners of the Artist of the Month - June 2021!

4 Artists, 4 Mediums, 4 Countries:

Darian Smith - Collage - USA

Elaine Pessoa - Mixed Media Photography - Brazil

Kristen Todd - Painting - UK

Sisetta Zappone - Printmaking - Italy

The competition is open to multimedia artists worldwide and created to showcase, promote and raised the visibility of the work of emerging and mid-career artists. The winners are featured on our website and social media platforms and considered for any upcoming curatorial projects by ART from HEART. Artworks are selected based on creativity, originality, quality of work, and overall artistic ability.

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Darian Smith - Collage - USA

© Darian Smith, All Rights Reserved.

From Left to Right: Audre, Nina, Butterflies, Black Boy Joy

Emerging Artist Darian Smith creates her artworks using the process of collaging, as she finds it very therapeutical. She like to create collages from different sources such as books and magazines. The overarching themes in her collages are storytelling, black culture/history, and personal experiences drawn from her life.

My experiences from being a black, queer woman direct the art I create.

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Elaine Pessoa - Mixed Media Photographs - Brazil

© Elaine Pessoa, All Rights Reserved

From Left to Right: Los Cerros I, VI, VII & VIII, 2020

Multimedia Artist Elaine Pessoa (b 1968), lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. Her most recent work is dedicated to the search for a hybrid between visual languages ​​(engraving, painting and photography) applied to landscape imagery.

In 'Los Cerros', Photographs are born from experimentation, starting with a drawing and soon surpassing it. Surrender to the gestures of the hands, which touch and feel the earth to know more.

In Los Cerros, the landscapes hide in black backgrounds. They are cut by low lights in high contrast announcing only the verver of this place in their minimal stocks.
Among the gaps of these densities of black on black is that parade evidence of what is passing. Trying to find out what they show us without showing, illusionist surfaces create tangled depths that seek the telluric.

'Los Cerros', Elaine's most recent work, has been published in a photobook released in November 2020. Other publicatons include 'Tempo Arenoso', her first book, that won the Miolo Award as the best photography publication of 2015. Among other awards, she also received the Aquisitivo Award at the Vinhedo Visual Arts Exhibition; Special Mention (Honorary Award) 5th National Engraving Biennial - Olho Latino; Honorable Mention XI Luisa Palácios Graphic Miniatures Biennial.

In 2016 she created Fotô Editorial with the aim of producing books on author photography and reflection on the state of the contemporary image. 'Nimbus' is the second book by artist Elaine Pessoa and the first personalized publication by Fotô Editorial.

Elaine is a visual artist represented by the Mario Cohen Gallery, in São Paulo.

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Kirsten Todd - Painting - UK

© Kirsten Todd, Rise of the Devine Feminine Series, All Rights Reserved.

From Left to Right: Simple Pleasures, Natural Beauty, Speak your Truth, Into the Light, Confidence in the Self.

British Artist Kirsten Todd, Lancashire born and bred, brush in hand since childhood, studied art and obtained a degree in graphic design and pursued a career in design for over 25 years, whilst continuing to paint.

Painting is her passion and her purpose and she is now concentrating fully on painting professionally. Specialising in portraits and abstracts, Kirsten works mainly in acrylics and tries to capture, vibrancy, energy, strength, balance and beauty within her work.

Her latest series of portraits “Rise of the Divine Feminine” highlights the rise of the Divine Feminine energy within us all at this time of great change, aiming to bring balance to our inner world and thus by extension our outer world and planet.

My work celebrates strong women, giving women a much needed voice, finding strength within, showing the endurance of a life of hardships and the strength of a warrioress - not harsh or cruel but strength with compassion and humility, finding balance, seeing beauty within all of us and all living things and cultural diversity.

Kirsten herself strives to speak her authentic truth, find her voice and be heard through her work, her own strength and vulnerability is seen within the paintings. Kirsten works intuitively, channelling her energy into each piece, thus hopefully giving the recipient the energy or some aspect of healing they may need allbeit on a subconscious level.

Kirsten has participated in numerous Exhibitions and is represented by CLK Art Gallery, 18 Eagle Brow, Lymm, Cheshire.

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Sisetta Zappone - Printmaking - Italy

© Sisetta Zappone, All Rights Reserved.

From Top Left: Phase, Blue Moon, Venus from the Series Moon-o-Types

From bottom Left: A Lumen StarMetal Crypt, Dark & light UNIVERSES BOXES, Diptych of sycamore and walnut boxes, 12x10x17 cm, unique 2012.

UNIVERSES BOXES opened: "Behemoth and the Beginning", scrolling print, 80x08 cm "The End and the Soul Eater", scrolling print, 80x08 cm

The work refers to a paragraph of “Manual of Imaginary Beings” by J.L. Borges, illustrating the beginning and the end of the universe, according to ancient myths.

Italian Artist Sisetta Zappone, is an experienced printmaker with a passion for Anthropology and Archetypes. She creates images that present the viewer with primordial questions and different keys and levels of interpretations. They are still and silent as opposite to our fast moving reality of consumerism, digital trends, virtual identities and video-games.

She observes and records the natural world in its micro and macro cosmical manifestations, some sort of symbolism runs through her work. She use petroglyphs, natural history manuals and manuscripts as inspiration.

It's a world where mythology collides with science, surrealism and Jungian archetypes in mesmerising oddities, anatomy, botanical drawing and Medieval imagery merge opulent and detailed compositions.

Sisetta uses traditional printmaking medias and raw materials as iron, paper, copper and wood as they carry an inner organic beauty through their grain, warmth and colour. She produces series of limited prints in the following techniques: stone lithograph, etching on metal, dry-point, sugar-lift, wood cut, collagraph, and monotype.

Just like through a very physical performance, I like using precise methods in apparently deliberate or "wrong" ways . So the process slowly reveals the image. It’s a case of what I can get out of the metal through the different treatments: it's a continuous battle.

Sisetta's artworks, mainly prints, can be found in public galleries and collections such as the V&A museum and Milan National Print Collection!

She trained in Florence's Fine Arts Academy, and in 2011 moved to South London where she creates her artworks ever since, at Thames-side Print studio. Between 2015 and 2018 she attended a number of artists residencies in Italy, Mexico and Germany. In 2019 her first public art piece was installed in Cittanova, Southern Italy.

Sisetta is a specialistic teacher of printmaking techniques and drawing, currently running art classes and printmaking workshops, both in person and on-line for London drawing and Learning Enterprise Colllege Bexley. She has also facilitated many children and family learning workshops. She has worked with refugee teenagers in Germany addressing war and trauma and has experience in planning and delivering sessions for adults with special needs and learning difficulties.

Sisetta is an active member of East London Printmakers.

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