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Artists of the Month - November 2021 WINNERS!

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

ART from HEART is excited to announce the Winners of the Artist of the Month - Nov 2021!

4 Artists, 4 Mediums, 4 Countries:

Sara Black - Painting - Ghana

Ranjani Prabhakar - Film & Music - USA

Helena Cordoba Cornudella - Performance Arts - Spain

Rosita Allinckx - Digital Art - Belgium

The competition is open to multimedia artists worldwide and created to showcase, promote and raised the visibility of the work of emerging and mid-career artists. The winners are featured on our website and social media platforms and considered for any upcoming curatorial projects by ART from HEART. Artworks are selected based on creativity, originality, quality of work, and overall artistic ability.

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Sara Black - Painting - Ghana

©Sara Black. All Rights Reserved.

From Left to Right: Origin, 2021 & Essence, 2021, from the new Series 'Genesis'.

Sara Black (b.1995) is an emerging artist from Accra, Ghana. Her works are autobiographical, and inspired by her experiences with people, places and her surrounding environments. Thus, her work revolves around a variety of themes and subjects.

One constant theme present in her recent work is the concept of humanity. She questions What makes us human? Is our humanity and identity defined by our environment? She creates photo-surreal paintings which feature an unnatural interaction of man with nature, and bodies with personified animal features.

Sara's work is influenced by fauvism, impressionism and surrealism.

I believe to some, Art is a tool for expressing their thoughts or concerns, and to others like me, Art is not only a tool for expressing thoughts, but a projection of our ethereal selves unto the world, which also serves as a personal therapy.

Sara is a painter working with mixed media materials such as charcoal, oil paint, acrylic, ink, in a variety of surfaces beyond the canvas, including walls, wood, canvas, and tissue paper.

Sara obtained her Bachelor's degree from the Department of Painting and Sculpture, at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and her High-school certificate in Visual Art at the Ghana National College (Cape Coast). She is pursuing a Master's degree in Contemporary Art.

©Sara Black, Boundless, 2020. All Rights Reserved

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Ranjani Prabhakar - Film & Music - USA

©Ranjani Prabhakar. Lil Idli - Allergic, All Rights Reserved.

©Ranjani Prabhakar, Lil Idli - Allergic (Official Music Video), All Rights Reserved.

Lil Idli is a Chicago-based experimental pop duo of vocalist Ranjani Prabhakar and producer/percussionist Deepak Gopinath. Their compelling and soulful style seamlessly weaves together a unified sound reflecting their hybrid cultural roots and artistic identities.

Combining Prabhakar’s insightful lyricism and radiant vocals with Gopinath’s knack for exploratory and textural soundscapes, the colorfully expressive vibes of Lil Idli gently ask us: why are we here and what do we owe one another?

“It’s deeply personal to us that a song about love & loss has as much to do with climate change as it does with an aching heart,” says Gopinath.
“At the core of our global crisis is not simply that the earth is warming, but that spiritual and cultural identities have been devastated in the process. Music pulls from personal grief so often, and our relationships are not limited to romantic ones.
In “Allergic”, we’re exploring our relationships to ourselves, to each other, and to the land all at once, and asking the painful question of what happens when these relationships are broken.”

The Lil Idli Pop Duo has performed (together and separately), in cities across the United States, Mexico and India at storied venues such as the Rock ‘n Roll Hotel in Washington, DC; The Bowery and Drom in New York City; Ryles Jazz Club in Boston; The Elbo Room in Chicago; The Blue Frog in Mumbai, India; and Cafe Jazzorca and Anahuacalli Museum in Mexico City, Mexico.

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Helena Córdoba Cornudella - Performance Arts - Spain

© Helena Cordoba, Messcellany Video Stills. All Rights Reserved.

© Helena Cordoba, Messcellany Official Video, All Rights Reserved.

Artist Helena Córdoba, also known as Messcellany, is a multimedia artist and choreographer born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1997. She had been trained simultaneously in multimedia engineering and professional dance, and that gives her the ability to master both the artistic thinking and technical procedures.

Her strength is the visual creation for performing arts and stage design. In 2019, she founded her own multimedia dance company, "FUSE", and premiered the first dance mapping show performed in Barcelona. She has been on tour performing more than 8 times with this first scenic work, and keeps collaborating in multimedia projects and with dance companies as a multimedia technician.

I use my art as a channel of expression to create emotions. Every shape, color, sound and movement has its own meaning and is connected to the very depth of our souls, containing a message we can not decide to receive but to feel and reflect on it. That is the main goal of the synthesis of my art resources: dance movements contain their own message, colours and shapes have their own, but when they link, the intensity of the message increases. That is the beauty of the world that surrounds us and I try to portray.

Helena creates her artwork using software such as Cinema 4D, Redshift Renderer, WYSIWYG and Adobe After Effects. She uses QLab, Resolume or Millumin for playing her audiovisuals live. Regarding dancing, her work is based in the technique of contemporary and lyrical dance.

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Rosita Allinckx - Digital Art - Oudenaarde, Belgium

© Rosita Allinckx. All Rights Reserved.

From Top Left to Right: Broken Shell, 2021; Music Heals, 2021; Hellfire, 2020;

From Bottom Left to Right: Freeze Time, Climate Change, 2021; See Me, Love Me, 2020

Rosita Allinckx (Oudenaarde, 1962) showed a strong urge to create from an early age. Drawing and painting dominated her childhood and teenage years. In her need to express herself creatively, she was soon confronted with the limitations imposed by the art of painting. She experienced the two-dimensionality as a restriction of her creative urge.

During her training in plastic arts, she continued to wrestle with this frustration until one day she learned the technique of modeling from Jacques Verduyn. As if by magic she began to devote herself entirely to the creation of sculptures. In that creative process, she discovered what she had always been looking for: peace, harmony, simplicity, and especially that third dimension: space.

Her main source of inspiration is the world around her, a world that is not necessarily her own. Observation and participation, registration and intervention - as often as they repel each other they complement each other. With this apparent paradox in the background, Rosita Allinckx is permanently searching for the key to this world that is so often inaccessible to her. She experiences it as repeated, not infrequently emotionally charged encounters with a layered reality that inspire her and ultimately materialize in her artworks.

Rosita is a versatile artist, using oil paintings, watercolors, pastels, clay, bronze, sculptures, mixed media to digital art, all tools are good to create art.

Art teaches you to observe, to see beyond what you are used to, art opens the mind.

Rosita recently received the second price 'American Art Award' for her digital art 'Don't blow it' . She was nominated in Smak for a sculpture.

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