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Artists of the Month WINNERS - October 2022!

ART from HEART is excited to announce the Winners of the Artist of the Month - October 2022!

4 Artists, 4 Mediums, 4 Countries:

Chris Avis - Photography & Video - UK

Aryan Latif - Painting - Iraq

L W Antonius - Photography - Germany/USA

Claire Cansick - Painting - UK

The competition is open to multimedia artists worldwide and was created to showcase, promote and raise the visibility of the work of emerging and mid-career artists. The winners are featured on our website and social media platforms and considered for any upcoming curatorial projects by ART from HEART. Artworks are selected based on creativity, originality, quality of work, and overall artistic ability.

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Chris Avis - Photography & Video - UK

©Chris Avis, Scorched Video, All Rights Reserved.

©Chris Avis, Scorched Series, All Rights Reserved.

Left to Right:

1 Scorched, 2021

2 Scorched No4, 2022

3 Scorched No3, 2021

4 Scorched Video Still, 2021

Medium: Digital ink print on archival paper, 30x40 cm, Limited Editions, Signed.

Chris Avis searches beneath the surface by unpacking the layers we keep secure. This is a fundamental aspect of her work, often nostalgic, sometimes beautifully melancholic. She makes tender unsettling images drawn from her reflections on human behaviour.

Chris paints with pixels to create images by using multiple layers of digital manipulation on her photographs, Her moving image work takes these visuals through slow mesmeric animation to unfold a narrative.

My work on environmental threats uses this layered approach to take the viewer into the desolate haunting beauty of destruction. Pairs of videos, designed to produce an immersive experience reinforce the impact.

Through the exploration of the effects of climate change and human intervention on water, land and trees, a series of digital prints and three short videos have been produced for the trilogy titled ‘Poisoned’, ‘Scorched’ and ‘Charred.’ 'Scorched' focuses on the impact of long periods of high temperatures on land and its vegetation.

Chris Avis is an artist working with photography, video, installation, digital manipulation, and print. She completed a BA Degree in Fine Art (First Class honours) in 1994 and an MA in Art in Architecture in 1996. She has exhibited in the UK and internationally. She has also taken part in numerous Contemporary Art Festivals.

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Aryan Latif - Painting - Kurdistan, Iraq

© Aryan Latif, The Shadow of Life, Oil on Canvas, All Rights Reserved.

Aryan Latif Ahmed was born in 1994 in Sulaymaniyah Iraq, where he currently resides. His artistic career started in 2014. Since then, he has participated in 17 collective exhibitions and 5 international exhibitions outside the Region (Turkey-Greece-South Korea-Lebanon).

When I paint I get away from the fatigue of life in such a way that mixing with the brush and the colours I see or feel in my heart gives me a different feeling and this has affected my life. In my paintings, I want to free the viewer from the hustle and bustle of life and bring him back to nature and make him feel peaceful.

In the shadow of Life painting, there is light in the midst of shadows and darkness, which consists of cold colours, which conveys the feeling that often in the midst of hopelessness, there is hope that makes our lives beautiful.

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L W Antonius - Photography - Germany/USA

© L W Antonius, Other World (Anderswelten) Series, All Rights Reserved

Left to Right:

1 Artfloral No4, 2017

2 Love Fails, 2013

3 The Ocean Behind, 2021

4 Paradise Lost, 2015

Medium: Aluminum Dibond (1,2,4) & Canvas (3)

Antonius was born in Berlin and grew up in New York, Metz (France) and Berlin. His photographs, which he calls "photographic choreographies", have been exhibited around the world.

Antonius career as a photographer began assisting Max Jacoby - at the time one of the most famous photographers in the Federal Republic of Germany (among other things, he officially photographed the Kennedy visit to Berlin in 1963). Jacoby, now a mentor, advised Antonius to make photography his own playing field.

Antonius shot his "Harlem Story", a classic black and white reportage about the New York district. Unfortunately, he lost the entire series due to theft. Decades later this traumatic experience motivated him to recreate the series about New York of the common people and immigrants, 2001-2019.

Antonius’s photography crossed styles and genres and started with fashion, still life, architecture, and nude photography. Photographed in the fashion capitals of Paris and New York. Reports for “Cosmopolitan” in South America. Later he became creative director for "Digitalvision", the first company for computer animation in Felix Austria.

The series "Anderswelten"(Other Worlds) began in 2012 and it continues expanding. The recordings are original sets and a digital development of sophisticated still lives. The Series is inspired by the description of life paths, stations of an existence that leaves time and space? Reminiscence of life and being, farewell and transience. "Anderswelten" tells of experienced emotions, visions, fables, subjective perceptions ...and yet the viewer has room for individual interpretation of the meta-levels.

Antonius passion for film and video led to self-curated small film festivals in Berlin and Hamburg; "Digidata - the long night of short films".

Antonius is a lecturer for Minolta and Agfa Gevaert and Leica camera for which he led camera seminars, product presentations and incentives, and workshops for the Photo Industry Association and for the Museum of Photography-Helmut Newton.

After traveling, exhibiting, and publishing in Japan (Minolta Camera) and Australia, Antonius was on the board of the AWI (working group of advertising and industrial photographers in Germany).

He is represented by national and international picture agencies. His works are sold by diverse galleries. He has won multiple prizes and awards, such as, Photo Oscar Germany 2013, Sony Competition, DGB photo competition, water drops and soap bubbles (video festival on poetry by Joachim Ringelnatz, 2019), Black Swan Festival 2021, Kolkata, India.

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Claire Cansick - Painting - UK

©Claire Cansick. All Rights Reserved

Left to Right:

1 Arctic Treeline Expansion-20.01-Morten Falch, 2022

2 Geldeston, Norfolk 08.01 Mike Page, 2022

3 South Korea Wildfires 06.03 Sky News, 2022

4 Colorado 05.01 KCNC, 2022

Medium: Oil on wood

Artist Claire Cansick was born in Gt Yarmouth in 1971. She has exhibited all over the UK and Europe. She is a member of The Arborealists and ArtCan and has worked in numerous private collections worldwide. Nature is a running theme in her work and she utilises a limited palette to express herself through colour.

I am currently embarking on a year long project on climate change, painting images from news reports, videos and people's first hand experience posted on social media. Each painting is named with the place, date and source.

Over the course of the project, Claire's visual language is developing into a defined style and colour palette. She is painting in oil on wood, a preferred combination, at 30 x 40 cm with the view of exhibiting them in their entirety during 2023. The work will be for sale once she has exhibited the collection.

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