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Artists of the Month WINNERS - August 2022!

ART from HEART is excited to announce the Winners of the Artist of the Month - August 2022!

4 Artists, 4 Mediums, 4 Countries:

Reili Evart - Digital Art - Estonia

Rebecca Holmes - Printmaking - UK

Natasha Cook - Video - USA/Brazil

Rosie Leventon - Landart - UK

The competition is open to multimedia artists worldwide and was created to showcase, promote and raise the visibility of the work of emerging and mid-career artists. The winners are featured on our website and social media platforms and considered for any upcoming curatorial projects by ART from HEART. Artworks are selected based on creativity, originality, quality of work, and overall artistic ability.

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Reili Evart - Digital Art - Tallinn, Estonia

© Reili Evart, Crimsom Lemons Series, All Rights Reserved

Top Left to Right: Bleeding Lemon; Fish Lemon

Bottom Left to Right: Granade; Twosided

Mixed media digital media (3d, digital collage, painting, drawing)

Reili Evart (1971) is a Tallinn-based artist using mixed digital media techniques including 3D and animation programs, plus digital drawing techniques. Her works are decorative in style, embellished and somewhat surreal and absurd.

There is no lack of topicality in my works, but I like to idealize things and find their better side. Nothing is ever exactly as it initially seems to me. People, situations and things can look very different to the bystander or absent-minded and also to myself, in the next moment. In the course of my work, I can only depict situations as they seem to me at that moment. The image of a lemon contributes to the wider universe or, more narrowly, to the inner world.

Reili Evart started the Crimson Lemons Series in 2021. At the heart of these drawings is a lemon inspired by everything that happens both inside and around her. On the one hand, these works are highly personal; on the other, they are decorative and leave the viewer with the space to find their own lemon.

A lemon can also be seen as an alien planet that has the shape, but not the content, of a lemon, while at the same time being very closely connected to the planet Earth and changing its material and colour according to what is happening around it. Purple is a recurrent colour in Reili's work that has many symbolic meanings, including divinity, mystery and power. Not all lemons are purple on the inside, but there is probably a certain amount of purple inside us all, nonetheless.

People are free to view Reili's work traditionally framed on the wall, or digitally via social media, web3 virtual galleries or the NFT format.

Reili Evart (1971) is a freelance scenographer, costume designer, member of the Estonian Artists’ Association and graphic designer in the Estonian National Opera since 2014. From 2020 visiting lecturer at the Estonian Art Academy (costume history). In 1995 Reili Evart graduated from the Estonian Art Academy as a scenographer (MA). In 1998 she studied at Vilnius Art Academy. Reili Evart has designed scenography and costumes in several theatres around Estonia.

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Rebecca Holmes - Printmaking - London, UK

© Rebecca Holmes, All Rights Reserved

Top Left to Right: Night Shining; Crystal Cove, Haze

Bottom Left to Right: Take Flight; Bedruthan

Limited Edition Prints

Rebecca Holmes's landscapes depict a composite of figurative elements, discrete natural phenomena, recorded with charcoal, ink and photography, cut up, distorted and combined to create an unnatural location, one which speaks as directly to the emotions as it does to the senses. Her works are psychological landscapes as well as physical ones.

Rebecca makes most of her work in the middle of the night when it is quiet and she can let the image evolve. She is far more interested in how a place makes a person feel, and what response or connection they may have to it, rather than how it “really” looks. Rebecca strives to go beyond appearance, to reach for something more essential.

Nature, to me, is an event, not a static space and should be cherished.

Some of Rebecca's recent artworks are made in response to seeing noctilucent clouds. These cloud formations are extremely rare but are now becoming more frequent due to the higher levels of nitrogen that are now present in our atmosphere due to climate change. Sightings happen at dusk just after the sun sets and are extremely beautiful.

I wanted to make the work seem mesmeric but also foreboding to highlight the reason why we are seeing more and more sightings. There were many sighting reports just days ago over the UK.

Rebecca's prints are photopolymer etchings, which are made by collaging together the drawings, photographs and paintings made at the site and then exposing the positive film onto a light-sensitive plate. The plate is then inked up and hand-printed like an etching.

Rebecca graduated from Loughborough University of Art and Design, where she studied Fine Art, in 2011. Since then, her practice has focused on drawing and printmaking. She is a member of East London Printmakers and recently exhibited at The London Original Print Fair in Somerset House, The Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, and her own solo show at Eames Fine Art.

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Natasha Cook - Video - USA/Brazil

© Natasha Cook, Dream About Your Picket Fence Film, All Rights Reserved

Natasha Cook is a multi-media artist from the USA and Brazil living and working in London. The climate crisis has filtered into the imagery of her work through autonomy and an ever-growing desire to confront what is at stake.

I seek to dissect unavoidable topics surrounding our current global climate through a process of autobiographical documentation and archive. As a citizen of both America and Brazil, two countries rooted in causing severe ruin to our planet, the devastation of human impact on earth is at the forefront of my mind.

Natasha creates art to represent a record of the times, where images are digitally distorted, as a metaphor for the reality of this era where nothing and no one is untouched by technology and deterioration. Natasha has a Foundation Degree from UAL Camberwell College of Arts, June 2019; her work was featured in the 1st Edition of RAID.R Magazine in 2021 and won the Phoebe Llewellyn Smith Award in June 2022.

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Rosie Leventon - Landart - UK

© Rosie Leventon, All Rights Reserved

Top to Bottom: Now and Then; Ripple of Light; Up the Duff; Down; Endangered Dust

Land Art. Sculpture. Installation. Painting and Drawing

Rosie Leventon makes Sculptural Installations and Land Art indoors and in the landscape. She experiments with new materials in innovative ways, such as Celotex Insulation, central heating pipes, recycled mobile phones and paperbacks, as well as more durable stone, water earth and wood. Some pieces are designed to promote meditation on vulnerability and on the illusion of solidity and permanence in life, one of the continuing themes in her work.

I work with indoor and outdoor space to make work which reflects contemporary issues and a strong interest in vernacular architecture, archaeology and green concerns.

Using her background in archaeology Rosie creates work which re-appraises our historical provenance. Her psychological approach to the archaeology of space implies that she will often peel back layers of modern-day living to reveal things lost, hidden or forgotten.

Her outdoor installations sometimes highly ambitious in scale are often grounded in a sensitive concern for the natural environment and how we use it. For example, they often have a functional regional element providing water for animals or promoting biodiversity and regeneration.

Currently taking part in Broomhill Sculpture Gardens Summer Exhibition. in Devon. Rosie has exhibited at the Serpentine and Chisenhale Galleries, the Royal College of Art, Camden and Battersea Arts Centres and the National Maritime Museum. Also at the Royal Society of Sculptors Nettie Horn Gallery and Shoreditch Town Hall in London.

Rosie has also exhibited internationally including Arte Laguna Prize, Venice, Museo d’Arte Contemporani Barcelona, Der Pfalzgalerie Germany, Dostoyevsky Museum St Petersburg Russia, Prague Festival of Contemporary Art, Czech Republic, BECA Foundation Albuquerque and Convergence International Arts Festival Rhode Island, USA. Public Art commissions include 2 pieces for Stour Valley Arts in Kent, The Irwell Sculpture Trail Manchester and Yorkshire Sculpture Park and recently a permanent commission for the Woodland Trust for their flagship Diamond Jubilee Woods in Leics UK.

Awards include the Royal Society of Sculptors Spotlight Award 2020, Felix & Spear Prize 2019, Arts Council, Elephant Trust, British Council, Mark Tanner Award for Sculpture, and Henry Moore Sculpture Trust. Books include Destination Art, Thames & Hudson.,2021, 2016 INSIDE artists, 2015 The State of Art- Installation + Site Specific #2. 2013 ‘Thinking is Making, Presence and Absence in Contemporary Sculpture (Black Dog Publishing.),‘Meditative Spaces’ by Michael Freeman and ‘King’s Wood: A Context ‘ by Sandra Drew.

Collections include Henry Moore Institute. Joanna Lumley, Imelda Staunton.

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