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Artists of the Month WINNERS - June 2022!

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

ART from HEART is excited to announce the Winners of the Artist of the Month - June 2022!

4 Artists, 3 Mediums, 4 Countries:

Angela Treat Lyon - Drawing - USA

Tanya Preminger - Environmental Art - Russia & Israel

Sharon McGregor - Digital Art - UK

Ivan Grieve - Drawing - UK

The competition is open to multimedia artists worldwide and created to showcase, promote and raised the visibility of the work of emerging and mid-career artists. The winners are featured on our website and social media platforms and considered for any upcoming curatorial projects by ART from HEART. Artworks are selected based on creativity, originality, quality of work, and overall artistic ability.

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Angela Treat Lyon - Drawing - Chico, CA, USA

© Angela Treat Lyon, Soft Pastels, All Rights Reserved.

Top Left to Right: Gold-Rush; Rescue

Bottom Left to Right: Holding-Hands; Guardian

American Artist Angela Treat Lyon is a painter, sculptor, author, illustrator, graphic designer, book designer and publisher. She is committed to make art to fill the world with love and beauty the best she can. Her works are infused with mood, emotion, feeling and spirit.

I intend my work to do with joy, celebration, and the great, incredible depths of the invisible world that we inhabit, that inhabits us, and that swirls in un-nameable curling, flowing eddies in and all around us all the time.

Rather than anatomical correctness, Angela sees bodies as fluid and constantly changing in form and motion. She prefers strange colour combinations and exaggerated bodies and movement to depict emotion. The motion of the body; the expression of the heart; the glory of colour; the voices of joy and wonder, and connection with each other; the unity we each have with Spirit: these are the things that matter to her, that inspire her drawings, paintings, and carvings.

The pastels featured here were done in view of the crisis in Ukraine.

I weep when I see people carrying their cherished animals with them as they flee the war and destruction of everything they own.

Angela has a Degree from Parsons School of Design in Graphic Design & Painting; San Francisco Art Institute; Painting & Drawing; Cabrillo College; Painting, Ceramics, Chinese; Soquel, California; California State University, Chico, California, and an Advanced Independent Study in Ceramics & Empirical Glaze Theory & Application.

She is the founder of The InterGalactic Garden Club: Creative Writing Group; Madrid; Abstract Painters, Santa Fe, New Mexico; Sculptors Unanimous, Santa Fe, New Mexico; The Painting Forum, Gore, New Zealand.

She has exhibited extensively in the USA and Internationally, is a established writer and publisher, and has participated in numerous Seminars.

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Tanya Preminger - Environmental Art - Russia & Israel

© Tanya Preminger, All Rights Reserved.

Pyramid, 2009 earth, grass, 400x1200x1200, Arsuf, Israel

Ecological Man, 2017 rice straw, bamboo, chair, rope, telephone, 115 x 130 x 80 cm, International Land Art Symposium, India

Labyrinth, 2008 Soil 100 x 220 x 180 cm, Park Dina, Arsuf, Israel

Ritual Cut, 2009 Earth, grass, 4.5 x 60 x 75 meter, Pedvale Open-Air Art Museum, Latvia

Artist Tanya Preminger was born in 1944 in the Soviet Union. Since 1972 lives and teaches in Israel, and works in various media: sculpture, landscape art, installation nature art, and photography. Her artworks are created using natural elements and inspired by Mother Nature, that gives life to everything living on earth, but also nourishes the spiritual life of mankind.

My purpose is to express the immaterial essence of things in physical stuff: to make tangible the universal essence of the creation.

Tanya has an M.A.from Surikov Academy of Arts, Moscow, Russia. She has exhibited extensively across the globe, and has been the recipient of 21 awards. So far, she has presented 33 Solo exhibitions in Israel, 100 Group exhibitions world over, and participated in 142 Symposiums and Competitions.

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Sharon McGregor - Digital Art - UK

© Sharon McGregor, Digital Art Prints, All Rights Reserved.

Top Left to Right: Population Overload; Invasive Species

Bottom Left to Right: Beer Hive; Spring Creep

Artist Sharon McGregor is an Immersive Artist responding to themes of social, political and psychological phenomena using mixed reality in the metaverse to explore the Sense of “Presence".

Sharon's digital art practice uses the digital aesthetic of immersion, agency and transformation to respond to current social and environmental pressing issues. They enjoy experimenting with lighting, materials and composition in the technical realm.

My digital artworks explore the fundamental contextual principles of anthropogenic issues, from human-made pollutions, climate change and the effect it will have on post-human UK.

Sharon has a BA (Hons) in Graphics Design from Sussex University, an MA Digital Art from Camberwell College of Art, and an MSc Serious Games & VR from Glasgow School of Art.

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Ivan Grieve - Drawing - Totnes, UK

© Ivan Grieve, All Rights Reserved.

Top Left to Right: Forget-Me-Nots; Winter at Sharpham Marsh

Bottom Left to Right: Dartmoor looking across to Yelverton; A Dartmoor Wood

Mixed media drawings with found pigments, charcoal, pastels

Ivan Grieve is a self-taught artist based in Devon, He works with a range of materials to develop surfaces through sensory expressions, that evolve into landscapes. These become dynamic and intimate works that emerge from gestural mark-making and experimentation with pigments and grounds.

Ivan documents the landscape through sketches on-site with charcoal and pencil in combination with natural materials, making minor interventions at the site to get in touch with the environment that he is working with. In many of his artworks glimpses of natural pigments and marks made with found materials can be discovered.

This element of the creative process is key to witnessing a feeling of the landscape.

Back at the studio, Ivan begins working on Fabriano paper or pastel paper using materials gathered from the landscape including feathers, clay, mud and leaves, adding studio materials and pigments including Bideford Black, Shellac and Gesso leading him to build an record an expression of his experience in the landscape.

The studio is where I hold a variety of materials some natural, some unusual with which to express further my dialogue with the landscape.

Ivan is an ambassador for the charity Outside In. His time is divided between being out in the landscape and back at his small studio. He values the importance of being out walking and sketching along the rivers and hills in South Devon throughout the year. A rendezvous with each of the Seasons as they come and go!

The river like time continues to flow and is both a physical and metaphysical element in my work, flowing as she does from the moor to the sea.

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