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Artists of the Month - September 2021 WINNERS!

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

ART from HEART is excited to announce the Winners of the Artist of the Month - Sep 2021

4 Artists, 4 Mediums, 2 Countries:

Chris Avis - Photography, Video Editing & Digital Manipulation - UK

Camille Schaeffer- Mixed Media - France

Kristina Page- Mixed Media - UK

Ben Snowden - Painting - UK

The competition is open to multimedia artists worldwide and created to showcase, promote and raised the visibility of the work of emerging and mid-career artists. The winners are featured on our website and social media platforms and considered for any upcoming curatorial projects by ART from HEART. Artworks are selected based on creativity, originality, quality of work, and overall artistic ability.

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Chris Avis - Photography, Video Editing, Digital Manipulation, Sound Recording & Editing - UK

©Chris Avis, All Rights Reserved.

From Top Left: "Poisoned", "Bottles", "Barrels", "Plastic Mesh"

Chris Avis searches beneath the surface by unpacking the layers we keep secure. This is a fundamental aspect of her work, often nostalgic, sometimes beautifully melancholic. She makes tender unsettling images drawn from her reflections of human behaviour.

Chris paints with pixels to create images by using multiple layers of digital manipulation on her photographs, Her moving image work takes these visuals through slow mesmeric animation to unfold a narrative.

My work on environmental threats uses this layered approach to take the viewer into the desolate haunting beauty of destruction. Pairs of videos, designed to produce an immersive experience reinforce the impact.

‘Lament’ is part of a series of videos and digital prints that look beneath the surface of water to find what we have left behind. Plastic bottles entwined with household waste pollute our inland waterways corrupting the river’s habitat.

Chris Avis is an artist working with photography, video, installation, digital manipulation, and print. She completed a BA Degree in Fine Art (First Class honours) in 1994 and an MA Art in Architecture in 1996. She has exhibited in the UK and internationally. She has also taken part in numerous Contemporary Art Festivals.

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Camille Schaeffer- Mixed Media - France

©Camille Schaeffer, All images Untitled. All Rights Reserved.

Camille Schaeffer (Cille Sch), a French multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Berlin, Germany. She is currently working on a new series of artworks exploring the topic of patriarchy. She studies the notion of chaos as a result of a patriarchal order. Her work addresses gender identity, social roles and the way it affect us. She presents her research through installations, sculptures, video and performance.

I do mixed media on canvas using different types of materials, mostly up cycled. Found objects is a big part of my work as I like to be aware of my environment. I find interesting to play around with unwanted materials.
I use the color red as a signal in order to be heard and seen and to talk about a topic that reflects a form of violence.

Camille is a full-time artist, with a Performing Arts and Interaction Design Degree. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions locally and abroad. She usually takes part in residencies followed up by group exhibitions.

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Kristina Page- Mixed Media - UK

© Kristina Page. By-products and slow processes Works 7-208, All Rights Reserved.

© Kristina Page. By-products and slow processes Works 7-208, All Rights Reserved.

British Artist Kristina Page is pulled towards taking a closer and closer look, at the details of things and the patterns that are visible within them. She is particularly drawn towards water, the impact it has on things, and also as a carrier of history and as an energy that constantly is in motion.

I build my work in layers, and some of the work resembles worn out cloth, where I have sanded back and scraped away, to get to a texture that invites a closer look. I like the edges of things, the place where something is and then is not, the space between some thing and something else, where things meet and the tension between. My paintings are not of anything in particular, but in a way they are of many things that make up our living environment.

Kristina's recent works have come about as a by-product of something else. Working with teabags for instance, came about in a way to connect her art practice with looking after her mother each week since the first lockdown last year; (most of them came from her); the teabag edges works as a by-product of emptying tea. This ongoing process holds a moment in time inclusive of a relationship to her and she appreciates the ritual of it.

A key theme in Kristina's work is time, the time taken to make work and the impact time has on objects, often looking at stains made by water, or general wear and tear by use.

The activity of making, the physical experience of repeating a movement over again, is a practice I feel most comfortable with. My images are based on the things I see, the details and textures around me, and are rarely completed….more often they hang around like ongoing thoughts.

Kristina trained at Canterbury College of Art, gaining a BA in Fine Art. Following an interest in dance she went on to become a professional choreographer and performer, whilst continuing a drawing practice. She later did an MA in Art Psychotherapy and a diploma in Group Analysis and is a studio manager at Studio Upstairs, a therapeutic community.

Kristina has exhibited in the UK, Texas and Ibiza. She is a recipient of the Pollack Krasner Foundation grant, she was part of Leyden Gallery Platform 24 for emerging artists in 2020 and is a highlighted artist by Lobo Del Mar Gallery. Kristina currently has a studio at Thames-side studios.

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Ig @kpage4


Ben Snowden - Painting - UK

© Ben Snowden, All Rights Reserved.

From Top Left:

Allowing yourself to be the obstacle. Mixed media on foam board. 19cm x 19.5cm. 2020.

God stomp. Mixed media on moulded self adhesive vinyl. 2020.

Eyes closed. Mixed media on moulded vinyl. (l) 26cm x (h) 22.5cm x (w) 17cm. 2020.

When the river runs dry. Mixed media on foam board. 21.5cm x 14.5cm. 2020.

© Ben Snowden, Map of Secrets, Mixed Media on paper 46.5cm x 32.5cm, 2020.

All Rights Reserved.

Ben Snowden is a Contemporary British artist based in Bradford, West Yorkshire (UK). He works predominantly with enamel, spray paint, graphite and household paints on materials such as paper, board, card, textiles and wood found in everyday life. His work explores the relationships and ideas between subject and emotion, combining visceral energy with experience through painting.

Inspired by the figure, landscape and memory, I use the language of abstraction to create work that emphasises on mood and expression to determine the overall feeling of the paintings... My main focus is to create work that evokes the senses and ultimately communicates a positive and constructive view of the world.

Ben has been a finalist in the National Open Art Competition 2015, the Platform Open Arts Competition 2015 & 2016, the Black Swan Arts Open 2016, The Bath Open Art Prize 2019, Ferens Art Gallery Open Exhibition 2019 and the Bradford Open Exhibition 2019. His work has recently been shown in ‘Made in Britain’ at The National Gallery of Poland in Gdansk (2019) – the first British Painting Exhibition in Poland for 40 years.

Artist Ben Snowden has exhibited in the UK and Europe alongside artists such as; David Hockney, Cathy Lomax, Frank Auerbach, Tracey Emin, Andrew ‘Mackie’ McIntosh, Robert Priseman, Alan Davie, Sir Terry Frost (RA), Zoran Music, Andrew Salgado, Enzo Marra, Joan Miro, Terry Greene, Carla Groppi, Sandra Blow (RA), Yuma Tomiyasu, Maurice Cockrill (RA), John Bratby (RA), Mandy Payne, Henry Inlander and William Gear (RA).

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