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Artists of the Month - August 2021 WINNERS!

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

ART from HEART is excited to announce the Winners of the Artist of the Month - August 2021

4 Artists, 4 Mediums, 4 Countries:

Brendan Rawlings - Sculpture - UK

Phillip McConnell - Digital Art - USA

Roberta March - Painting - Brazil

Francesca Busca - Mixed Media - Italy

The competition is open to multimedia artists worldwide and created to showcase, promote and raised the visibility of the work of emerging and mid-career artists. The winners are featured on our website and social media platforms and considered for any upcoming curatorial projects by ART from HEART. Artworks are selected based on creativity, originality, quality of work, and overall artistic ability.

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Brendan Rawlings - Sculpture - UK

© Brendan Rawlings, All Rights Reserved.

From Top Left: 'The All New Angel Of The South', 'Mother Swan' (sold), 'Flight' Driftwood Sculpture Ballerina, ' Follow Your Dreams' Dancer/Ballerina Sculpture (sold),

Oak Horse Bust - Stud - Stallion Sculpture

British Artist Brendan Rawlings turned to sculpture after playing rugby professionally and run a fitness company in Dubai for 10 years. It has been a mentally rejuvenating process and hugely gratifying for him. He finds sculpture soul nourishing. He uses driftwood, reclaimed and ethically felled wood to make his unique sculptures inspired by people, spirituality and nature.

Although I don't hug trees, it's my belief that sustainability should be at the heart of all business practice and protecting our beautiful county, country and planet is a responsibility we should all take more seriously.

The thing he loves most about driftwood, apart from the look and feel, is the mystery behind it. He often wonders where a specific piece of driftwood has come from. It was a tree once, where did it start off as a seed? Was it planted or did it float on the breeze? Which county, state, country, continent did it come to life? What did it grow up to be? A large tree that sheltered people from the elements or perhaps a house or an old galleon. Was it felled by the elements or by human hand? How did it end up in the sea? Did it travel miles from the rivers source or was it carried by man? What has it seen on its way? Family's? Right? Wrong? Birth? Death? Everything in between? Or is it just a twig that dropped into the River Exe a mile from its resting place.

As romantic as these notions are, I try to do each piece of wood justice. I try to restore an often withered and defeated lump of wood and turn it into something beautiful. Something it can be proud of being and perhaps restore it to something close to its former glory. And for me as a new artist, turning a discarded piece of wood into a beautiful object which encapsulates the spirit of nature is one of the most magical things in the world.

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Phillip McConnell - Digital Art - USA

© Phillip McConnell, All Rights Reserved.

From Top Left : 'Emotional Kill-switch', 'Angel Ridden Wings', 'Icarus Complex',

'Letters from an Inmortal'

© Phillip McConnell, 'Black Roses', All Rights Reserved

American artist Phillip McConnell creates his digital artworks using a basic notepad program. His main focus is creating abstract, surrealist digital artworks. He specializes in an art form called Glitch art. Glitch art is the aestheticization of digital or analog errors, such as artifacts and others by corrupting digital code.

I use varying techniques to glitch and blend my pieces including python, Photoshop and C++. In my work, I discuss my experience as a black creative with the intention to inspire and connect others.

To create his work, Phillip converts picture files to text files in a basic notepad program. The notepad program reads the text file of the picture as lines of code, there he manipulates the code by adding or subtracting color or by taking pieces of other pictures and blending them with one another. By doing this, he can create something new out of something broken.

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Roberta March - Painting - Brazil

'Fluidity II', Acrylic, Ink Triptych on Birch Panel

'Fluidity I', Acrylic, Ink Triptych on Birch Panel

© Roberta March. All Rights Reserved.

Left to Right: 'Become Fluid I', 2020, 'Mae Natura' (Mother Nature) Triptych , 2020, 'Become Fluid II', 2020. All artworks Acrylic, Ink on Birch Panel.

Artist Roberta March was born and raised in Brazil. Her art is within the field of abstraction.

This moment, when our global society is gasping for air trying to find relief from the stress and damage of the COVID-19 pandemic, is an ideal opportunity to look more closely toward this vital resource, water, and to embrace not only it’s given state but to explore the deeply shared meanings between art and humanity this inspires.

By embodying the mindset of the fluidity of water as a true life force, Roberta was able to generate works that innately reach out and capture the emotional sensibilities of the viewing audience. The essence of water in this sense becomes a powerfully shared experience between the artist and the viewer. Elements of lightness and darkness, mystery and magical space allow color and form to fluidly merge together creating a range of emotions within the viewer's eye, and diving into the psychological experience of becoming the water, becoming fluid and becoming alive.

Roberta started to pursue her art education later in life. Her first degree is in business administration and she received an MA in marketing, followed by a career in human resources within the field of banking. She attended the Hampstead School of Art in London, UK, receiving a foundation diploma in Fine Arts. Afterwards, she relocated to Houston, Texas in the United States where studied for four years at The Glassell Studio School of Art.

In 2019, she moved to Portland, Maine where she intends to make her home indefinitely. Roberta March became an American citizen the same day she began her MFA program at Maine College of Art, where she graduated in May, 2021.

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Francesca Busca - Mixed Media - Italy

Art for Trash featuring Adobe's "Our Waste", Feb-Apr 2020 (Installation: June 2021)

© Francesca Busca, Untitled, All Rights Reserved.

London-based Italian Artist Francesca Busca graduated with distinction in Mosaic and Fine Arts at the London School of Mosaic. At 40+, She still wants to change the world and she comes up with new constructive projects aimed at shaking off the engrained habits which she believes are currently unsustainable in our system.

I like to define myself as an eco-artivist or rubbish artist. Torn between optimism and surrender, I am haunted by the idea of mankind’s imminent self-destruction. Yet, I believe in a future for humanity of resourceful innovation through re-thinking, re-purposing and reducing. It is this hope that is made visible through my work, which is composed almost entirely of rubbish and ‘found’ material.

Francesca thoroughly enjoys working within both the ethical and the material limitations which often take years to gather. They call for a constant and ingenuous adaptation, and every tessera she manages to create out of rubbish makes it all worth it, as it is in itself a protest against the disposable lifestyle we currently lead.

Whilst keeping her carbon footprint to the bare minimum, she provides a different perspective on what society generally sees as rubbish:

in my world, rubbish deserves respect. My “trashure” acquires new uses, value and meanings, and becomes the undisputed protagonist of my artworks, as fun and beautiful a Cinderella as I can master it to be.

I hope to inspire real change, however small, one small piece of rubbish at a time, and to remind us of our indissoluble interdependence with the ecosystem, reiterating the urgency for a swift move from an unsustainable anthropocentric society to an all-encompassing circular economy focused on the common good of the whole eco-system.

“Think globally, act locally: Our salvation depends upon our ability to create a religion of Nature” (René Dubos, microbiologist and experimental pathologist, So Human an Animal, 1968).

In 2019 Francesca launched the "Art for Trash" initiative, as part of her "ArtWORKivism" movement. The aim is to bring eco-artivism inside business offices, and to stimulate environmental awareness and responsibility in the professional sphere.

It involves the employees collecting a selection of their office daily waste, which she then uses to make an artwork for their office. She cherishes the thought of helping to change our habits by making us look at waste under a different light: not as something disposable which needs to leave our space as soon as possible, but rather as an object which has a story, a value, and which deserves a second chance as it is: "from waste to wonder".

Francesca also happily runs pro bono art projects with schools on eco-awareness. Her longest collaboration (March 2018 - April 2019) was “A Breath of Fresh Air” with the London International Gallery of Children’s Art, which involved 5 schools in London, UK and Delhi, India and culminated in an exhibition at the Nehru Centre in London - along with a few in situ workshops with primary and secondary school students.

Francesca iss also an Eco-Schools Green Flag assessor, the Fabrication module Lecturer at the London School of Mosaic, and a vegan raising vegans. She is available for pro bono collaborations with environmental organisations.

Making the world a better place through art, in all possible ways, is my biggest hope.

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